"Within" is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Terra Nova. Lucas solves the problem of traveling both ways through the portal. Taylor learns that Skye is the Sixers' mole. Curran redeems himself.



Taylor show Jim Portal Terminus

Taylor and Jim approach the Terminus, which is where people arrive on Terra Nova from 2149. Taylor wants Jim to capture the Sixers' spy before the 11th Pilgrimage arrives. He puts the Terminus on a 24-hour watch.

Jim questions Skye's whereabouts when the Sixers made contact. She claims that she was playing chess with Josh at her house. Meanwhile, Maddy's plex crashes. Josh says that the core is broken and Durwin might have one for trade.

Skye asks Josh to confirm the lies she told Jim. Josh, who doesn't believe that Skye is a spy, agrees to do so.

Skye steals a tape from a relay station and takes it to the Sixers camp, where she's surprised to find Taylor's son, Lucas, who gave her mother a blanket. Lucas has solved the problem of how to transport people from Terra Nova back to 2149. But the final calculations will take weeks. He wants Skye to use the computing power inside the Eye to do this quickly - or he'll kill her mother.

Jim orders that a security camera be trained on a drainage ditch that could be a way in and out of the colony. Then he asks Josh about Skye's story, and Josh covers for her.

Meanwhile, Skye enters the data card that Lucas gave her into the Eye, and Durwin tells Maddy that she's got nothing worth trading for, although his wheelchair does need a tire.

When Skye returns to the Sixers' camp, Lucas plugs in the data card. As complex equations appear on his computer screen, Skye says that she's seen them on the rocks near the waterfall, but she didn't tell Taylor. Lucas tells Skye that he's hated his father ever since August, 2138. She asks why. "Ask him," replies Lucas.

Jim watches footage of Skye reentering the colony through the drainage ditch. He confronts Josh, who admits lying for Skye. Then Jim tells Taylor what he knows. Taylor first wants Curran - the banished soldier who's now living with the Sixers - to confirm that Skye is the spy, then he gets another idea.

While playing chess with Skye, Taylor mentions that he'll be leading a supply convoy through Devil's Canyon to Outpost 3. Meanwhile, Maddy asks Reynolds to get her a tire.

Taylor and Jim watch footage of Skye entering the drainage ditch. Taylor expects that the Sixers will attack the convoy, and he wants Jim to tail them, ready to counterattack.

When Jim hears a noise and movement in the tree line, he fires a shot into the trees. It's only three Brachiosaurs, chewing on the treetops.

Back at the Sixers' camp, Mira is angry that Skye didn't tell her about the convoy. Skye claims that she didn't know. Mira threatens to withhold Skye's mother's medicine unless she provides better information. Skye replies that she helped Lucas - Mira's surprised to learn this - and if anything happens to her mother, she's through with spying.

Taylor wonders why the convoy wasn't attacked. Jim figures that Skye didn't tell Mira, noting that Skye's only been giving them minimal information because the Sixers are holding something over Skye.

Meanwhile, Lucas tells Skye that he'll be returning to 2149. He also tells her that she shouldn't go back to the colony because his employers - who also hired the Sixers - are coming and they'll kill everyone who resists. Skye wants to know why. "Control the past and you control the future," replies Lucas, who is overjoyed that Taylor will know his son has finally defeated him.

Maddy gives Durwin the tire she got from Reynolds. But Boylan beat her to it, and he got Durwin's last computer core in return. Maddy tries to barter with Boylan, who needs the core to run his business, offering her organizational skills. Boylan refuses. He doesn't want to have the sheriff's daughter accessing his books, but then he gives her the core, asking her to tell Jim about this act of charity.

Skye tells her mother - who didn't know - about the spying. Skye's mother wants her to tell Taylor everything, and she urges her daughter to not come back, because she's now ready to die. After a teary-eyed embrace, Skye leaves.

Jim gives Taylor the hacked cards that Skye used to access Relay Station 9, so they go there. So does Skye, who reveals that the Sixers have a treatment for Sincyllic Fever and that Lucas is heading for the Terminus.

Lucas uses his computer to send a burst of energy from the Terminus' portal that flattens the guards. Then Taylor and Jim arrive and order him away. With swirls of light emanating from his hands, Lucas says that firing their sonic blasters will destroy the portal, cutting off Terra Nova from the future forever. When Taylor refuses to admit defeat, Lucas enters the portal. With a flash of light, the door closes, and he's gone!

Skye learns that Curran brought her mother and the Sixers' medicine - which Elisabeth believes that Malcolm can duplicate - to the colony's hospital. Taylor tells Jim that, unlike Curran, most people don't get an opportunity to atone for their mistakes. He explains that Lucas' mother died in August 2138 because he couldn't save her. Lucas has never forgiven him.

Taylor believes that Lucas has gone back to 2149 and that the people behind him and the Sixers will be coming on the 11th Pilgrimage with all their might. Upon learning this, Josh wonders if Kara will be on the 11th Pilgrimage.

Taylor tells the colony what's happened. He says that they'll fight and they'll win. Everyone nods in grim agreement.




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  • Events in the previous episode are referred to as "last Thursday". Meaning the Within episode takes place less than a week after "Now You See Me".
  • Skye's full name is revealed in this episode.


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