Actor Rohan Nicol
Seen In "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Weaver
Status Deceased
Job Unknown

Weaver is sent from 2149 with the Phoenix Group. He is a hypochondriac and does not like it in Terra Nova.


Before Terra NovaEdit

At Terra NovaEdit

Weaver came to Terra Nova with the Phoenix Group and aided Lucas Taylor with the plot to strip the prehistoric Earth of its resources. He did not like it at Terra Nova, as he claimed to being bitten by giant bugs, and referring to one as a "Spider-Snake with wings". When Dr. Elisabeth Shannon treated his wounds, she told him that she had just infected him with a parasite . Although it is later revealed that she was bluffing, and there was no parasite, she would not give him the cure unless he got Jim Shannon out of the Brig. The plan was successful. Later, Weaver was assigned to go into Hope Plaza in 2149 with the cargo in the transport, not knowing that the transports had been switched, and Jim Shannon was in the transport without the desired cargo. In Hope Plaza, Weaver was seen trying to sell the cargo to some men, and just before he opened the back of the truck, Jim Shannon was seen injecting the unknown cargo and hiding behind an object. When the truck was opened up, the cargo woke up, and was revealed to be a Carnotaurus. The Carnotaurus crushed one of the men with its foot, while Weaver and the other man were hiding behind a transport. Weaver told the man that the coast was clear, and the man walked around the corner, only to be eaten by the Carnotaurus. Weaver fled around the Plaza, and found Jim Shannon, then held a gun up to him. Just as Weaver was about to shoot the Carnotaurus' jaws closed around Weaver just in time, and Jim Shannon hurries back to the portal just in time.



Weaver was an eager and selfish businessman who was more concerned for his own safety, rather than that of others, to the point where he would send them to their deaths to save his own skin. He was incredibly paranoid, and was extremely disturbed by the unfamiliar flora and fauna of the Cretaceous.



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