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    July 30, 2012 by Oxnate

    I say "of", you say "a", I say "revolution", and you say "jah".

    Anyway, for those of you who don't know that's the chorus of Of A Revolution's (O.A.R.) song Crazy Game of Poker.

    Seeing as this show is almost certainly dead and all but gone, along with this Wiki, I was wondering if any of you still reading this Wiki had seen the new trailers for the show "Revolution". It's coming out in September on NBC. At first glance this looks like what a lot of people were hoping for with Terra Nova: A fresh start for humanity.

    Brief summary: technology no longer works. I didn't see any guns in the trailers so it's hard to tell if they don't work too (a la S.M. Stirling's Dies the Fire) or if it's long enough afterwards that they've run out of ammo.


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    Another Spy

    December 18, 2011 by Oxnate

    Ok, so I'm starting to write a Terra Nova Fanfic right now. It's why I got so obsessed with knowing the size of the wall (and the colony) in my last post. So, I'm rewatching all the episodes. And there's a lot of continuity issues. Chief among them, Skye being THE Sixer spy.

    The first and most obvious question was if she knew that Boylan had to go through the Sixers to get Kara to Terra Nova, why was she upset that he got mixed up with them?

    I also noticed that in Nightfall, Skye wouldn't have known much, if anything, about the box and certainly shouldn't have known where it was hidden. That means that there has to be another Sixer spy that has either science and/or security access. My money (and it will be in my story) is on Private Dunham.…

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    The Wall

    December 8, 2011 by Oxnate

    I got a little obsessed this week with trying to find out about the wall. It occurred to me that the wall is huge for the number of people it probably protects. Though we don't actually know the number of people at Terra Nova either.

    I took one of the flyover pictures and a basic estimate of the size of the gate to try to work out a circumference for the wall, and from there find out an area inside the wall to get a good estimate of how much farmland they had inside the wall, which in turn would give me a rough idea of how many people lived in Terra Nova.

    It didn't work. The main problem was that the fly-over pics were at an unknown angle and my Trigonometry classes were too long ago. I was able to make a rough guess though and that led to m…

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