Terra Nova Anniversary Tumbler

Today, September 26th, marks the 6 year anniversary of Terra Nova. It is good to see that this wiki is still active after all that time.

Because of my inability to create something not half-bad for last year's 5-year anniversary, I did nothing TN-related this month. It was only yesterday I realized it was Terra Nova Day the next day. Luckily, Fany could provide me with this awesome GIF. Now I could, last-minute, still make a decent post on our Facebook page.

It would be nice if fans did something to celebrate the occasion. Show the social media-sphere that there are still some Terra Novans left.

I am going to rewatch the pilot tonight and comment about it on Telfie. Furthermore, I am still gonna try to create a Terra Nova Motion Comic this season. I will write and upload the dialogue of my story soon, for feedback.

Hope you all have a nice day! Do tell if you are going to do something special for the occasion.

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