Triple Junction Valley

The Phoenix Group at the Triple Junction.

The Triple Junction is a geographic formation that features a valley and a high ridge. It is never fully explained why this formation is called the Triple Junction.

The valley is covered with a dense forest, but there are also patches of open area.

Geography and biology Edit

Triple Junction Map

Map showing the location of the Triple Junction. Left circle.

The Triple Junction is located within driving distance of the Terra Nova Colony. A computer screen suggests it was also located near the sea.

The name implies that it is a junction of three roads, rivers or valleys. It is never revealed for what the formation thanks its name. The formation was formed by many impacts of meteorites. Therefore, the formation is very rich in meteoric iron.[1] The only part of the Triple Junction that is actually seen on screen is a large valley with a high ridge on the south.

Triple Junction Brach

Brachiosaurus in the Triple Junction valley.

The many impact craters are masked by the dense forest that covers the formation. The formation is full of wild life, including Brachiosaurs.[1]

The Triple Junction valley became the breeding ground of the pterosaur Malcolmus pterosauri after the Terra Novans lured them away from their colony with pheromones. The pterosaurs took the valley like it was theirs. Dr. Malcolm Wallace predicted that the animals would return to the valley every 9 years to mate and breed.



The location is mentioned multiple time in the TV series. In the episode Instinct Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon lure the ferocious pterosaurs Malcolmus pterosauri away from the colony with synthetic pheromones. They drove all the way to the Triple Junction and left the container with pheromones in the valley. The pterosaurs used the valley as their new breeding ground, instead of the colony.

The Triple Junction was actually seen in the episode "Occupation". Lucas Taylor and the Phoenix Group wanted to use a pyrosonic bomb to burn down all the foliage and wildlife in the Triple Junction to expose the meteoric iron so it could be mined unobstructed. Taylor and his team sabotaged this operation and saved the Triple Junction.

2009 ScriptEdit

The Triple Junction was already mentioned in the original script from 2009. An outer settlement was build in the Triple Junction. Colonists that had lived in Fort Taylor for a year were transported with caravans to one of the outer settlements. However, the Triple Junction settlement was attacked and destroyed by Allosaurs. Commander Frank Taylor managed to save the colonists and return them to Fort Taylor.

Taylor used the Triple Junction incident to abandon all other settlements and keep all colonists within Fort Taylor. Beneath the surface many colonists were very critical of this action. A youngster named Walter claimed that the Triple Junction Settlement was never destroyed. A veteran citizen, who had been selected to caravan to the Triple Junction, defends Taylor's decision.


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