Tom Boylan
Tom Boylan
Actor Damien Garvey
First Seen "What Remains"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Tom Boylan
Status Living
Job Terra Nova Security Team (retired)
Bar Owner

Tom Boylan is a Terra Nova resident who operates a bar. He appears to be sympathetic towards the Sixers' cause and secretly trades with the splinter group on a regular basis.


Before Terra NovaEdit

Washington mentions that Boylan used to be 'A munitions officer. A damn good one'. ("Nightfall")

At Terra NovaEdit

Boylan was part of Commander Taylor's security. Tom and Taylor used to be mates till his last patrol. During his last patrol, Tom saw Taylor with a man and his son Lucas Taylor. After Taylor shot this man and let his son go, Taylor asked "Tommy Boy" to help bury the dead man at Pilgrim's Tree. After that, in his exchange for silence about the dead man, Boylan was able to start his own bar. This event occurred between the second and third Pilgrimages, meaning Boylan arrived with either the first or second Pilgrimage. ("Vs.")

Tom is an acquaintance of Skye and owns a bar in the colony, but also acts as a spy for the Sixers. Skye told Josh that Tom could help bring Josh's girlfriend, Kara, to Terra Nova from 2149. Tom realizes that Josh is Jim Shannon's son and tells Josh not to reveal their deal to Jim, as Tom's method of procuring items and people from 2149 is questionable. Tom chooses to send a message to 2149 to request for Kara's transfer, but can only do so through the Sixers. In return for supplies, Mira and her followers assure Tom that they will send the message through, as it could prove useful for the Sixers. ("What Remains")

He tells Josh that he has to meet with Mira, which he then does after Tom helps with a trap to catch the killer of a soldier. ("Bylaw")

He convinces Josh to steal medical supplies by telling him the Sixers will put Kara on the next pilgrimage. After Josh is assured by Mira that Kara is on the next pilgrimage, he tells his father that Boylan is in business with the Sixers and is taken into custody, with the thought that Boylan is the spy. ("Proof")

While drugged by Taylor in the brig, Boylan tells Jim, whom he believes to be Taylor, that he will tell everybody about what's buried at Pilgrim's Tree. The item buried at the tree turns out to be the body of General Richard Philbrick, Taylor's mentor, who attempted to take control of Terra Nova. When Sixers ambushed some soldiers on a mission, which wasn't even scheduled by Washington until Boylan was in the brig, Taylor decided that Boylan wasn't the spy, and set him free once again. ("Vs.")

Boylan later bought a core from the marketplace in exchange for a wheel. He then was interrupted from organizing by Maddy Shannon who offered to help him organize his papers in exchange for the core. Tom agreed; however, when he learned that Maddy was Jim's daughter he gave her the core anyway out of fear of Jim and told her that "be sure to mention to your daddy how nice I was to give you that for free." Maddy then offered him a wheel but Boylan's response. He was later seen listening to the speech Commander Taylor gave about the colony needing to stick together to fight off Lucas and the Sixers. ("Within")

When the Phoenix Group invades Terra Nova, Boylan's bar is frequented by them. Boylan continues business as usual, however, he is a coward when it comes to facing the guards. Josh, who is eager to help liberate the colony and wants to see if he can overhear anything important from the soldiers, asks Boylan for his job back, to which Boylan agrees. During the bar fight between Josh and Lucas, Boylan tries to persuade Lucas to spare Josh's life as he is just a kid. Boylan then sits by Josh's side as Jim and Lucas continue the fight. After the Phoenix Group deserts the colony to head to The Badlands, Boylan contacts Taylor to let him know it is safe for everyone outside the gate to return home. ("Occupation-Resistance")


  • He was arrested after being suspected of being a Sixer spy.


  • Tom does what he can to be a help to the Sixers, such as providing the group with supplies, but he is also cautious about trading with the rebels, as he could suffer severe punishment if he is caught and has a strong distaste for Commander Taylor.
  • Negative, ghost rider. Tom (that is to say, Ensign Boylan, at the very least, though his rank might be higher given how highly Washington speaks of him and how much Taylor trusts him; even when there's a known spy in Terra Nova) never voluntarily betrayed the secret that Taylor murdered his commanding officer in order to protect the colony. Boylan even helped cover up the so-called murder, in return for a small favor (his bar) that would provide security for not just Taylor, but Boylan as well.


Tom used to have a good relationship with Commander Taylor. Taylor called him "Tommy Boy", as well as trusted him to help bury a body of a man Taylor shot.


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