• According to Malcolm Wallace, at "The Edinburgh Hearings of 2119", the authorities claimed to be "just asking questions" to his father, to which Malcolm added "that's how it starts".[2]


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  • Nathaniel Taylor is fighting in a war in Somalia. As determined by the moment he flashed back to in "What Remains", Alicia Washington had been medevaced out, and his wife Ayani had been kidnapped along with his son. In "What Remains", when Taylor thinks someone in this war is playing mind games with him, he comments that the Somalians don't have the tech to do it, so it must be either Axis PSYOPs or the Russo-Chinese, apparently two of the powers in the war.[8]
  • August: Taylor's wife and Lucas Taylor's mother, Ayani, dies when Taylor sacrifices her life for Lucas's. Lucas hates his father for not saving her.



  • A population of Malcolmus pterosauri migrates to the locations of the future colony to mate and build their nests.[9]




  • Dr. Ken Horton and Dr. Grazier are on an expedition.
  • Dr. Ken Horton responds to a fan letter by Maddy Shannon.
  • May 27: The body of an unidentified man with face and hands mutilated, really Ken Horton, is found in Milton Country Park, Cambridge.[13]
  • Fall: Fifth Pilgrimage.[14]



  • Population Control agents discover Zoe, the illegal third child of the Shannon family. Jim Shannon is imprisoned.
  • In "Now You See Me", Mira said she was "coming up on a thousand" days living in the wilderness, so probably the Sixers left Terra Nova between 900 days (2.46 years) and 1000 days (2.74 years) prior to the time of that episode, which probably corresponded (assuming the two time-streams are approximately in sync in terms of the rate time passes in each) to a time of winter 2149 given Taylor's comment at the beginning about approaching the anniversary of the death of Skye's parents in the winter of three years earlier. So, this suggests the Sixers probably split off from the Terra Nova colony at a time corresponding to early-to-mid 2147 back on 22nd century Earth.



  • July 27: Hundreds flood the streets of Boston to protest the government crackdown of population control. The event was organized by "A Family is Love".[17]
  • July 30: New York reaches 36 million people. Officials urge citizens to move to less populated areas.[17]
  • July 31: Hope Plaza releases the list of travelers on the Tenth Pilgrimage.[17]


  • August 4: In a stunning reversal of conventional wisdom, MIT scientists have released new predictions that North America will no longer be able to sustain human life by the year 2182. Many have decried these estimates, but few can argue with the stark evidence around them.[17]
  • August 6: UK officials announce "Tent City" Project in an effort to curb the country's staggering homeless problem. The tent city will have beds for an estimated 800 thousand people.[17]
  • August 19: Beijing admits that a new highly resistant flu strain has been identified, which is estimated to have killed thousands and is projected to kill hundreds of thousands.[17]
  • August 21: Anticorruption websites allege that FEMA has been destroying bodies in a Miami slum to cover up a burgeoning Cholera epidemic. Officials vigorously deny these claims.[17]
  • August 24: Italy offers a sterility stimulus, a program rewarding families who opt to remain childless. Proposed incentives include government-backed housing upgrades, promotions in the workplace, and monthly stipends.[17]
  • August 27: Food distribution centers are operating at 20% capacity, an all time low.[17]
  • August 28: A wave of crop failures have plunged Europe into starvation level food production, with Spain the hardest hit. China and Botswana have pledged to help but shipments won't arrive in time for the thousands of people already subsisting on a cup of rice a week.[17]
  • August 30: Water testing facilities close throughout North America as austerity measures continue. Citizens are advised to purchase individual units to monitor coliform, lead, and TDS levels in their drinking water.[17]
  • August 31: FDA approval for "Super Protein", called "Cheap, good, and safe" by supporters while detractors agree only with "cheap", is all but certain. The new foodstuff is expected to hit shelves within a month.[17]


  • September 3: The USA hits 70% unemployment, a number that many economists call "catastrophic." Millions of the unemployed live off the chronically underfunded food distribution centers.[17]
  • September 4: It is reported that thousands of Americans are dying every year sneaking into India, looking for work. The most popular routes are by sea, sailing from Bangladesh or Pakistan. Once there, they find almost all avenues of advancement closed to them.[17]
  • September 5: Hope Plaza named "Man of the Year". Editors say, "Hope Plaza has done more to alleviate the misery of people around the world than anything since the cancer vaccine."[17]
  • September 8: Ranchers in the Montana Dust Bowl are encouraged to leave their farms and seek work elsewhere. Relief workers and aide will no longer flow into the devastated region after Congress' decision to focus their efforts elsewhere.[17]
  • September 10: Devastating floods continue to plague Queensland, Australia. Toxic water drive thousands out of their homes and into neighboring states, seriously overtaxing shelters and relief workers.[17]
  • September 11: A popular, charismatic preacher claims to have decoded the bible and now knows that the Rapture will occur in 2150. Many of his followers start to sell their belongings to make ready for the end times.[17]
  • September 18: Scientists at Hope Plaza release several hundred papers of documentation aimed at allaying people's fears about the Time Portal's safety. In it, they describe the Portal as a "naturally occurring phenomenon" with "no dangerous radiation".[17]
  • ~September 19: Elisabeth Shannon visits Jim in Golad Prison.[18]
  • September 25:
    • Officials at Hope Plaza raise the security alert level to red after police uncover a plan to blow up the Portal. The group "Judgement is Inescapable" claim responsibility for the act.[17]
    • Dr. Malcolm Wallace goes OTG to do research in the field.[19]
  • September 26: The Tenth Pilgrimage departs for Terra Nova.[20]
    • 1 hour left - Elisabeth, Josh and Maddy arrives at the check-in station.
    • 20:05 CST - Kara sends a message to Josh.[21] The two say goodbye.
    • 20:34:04:17 - Jim Shannon is spotted on Hope Plaza's security cameras.
    • shortly later - The Shannon family enters the Portal.
  • September 27: Jim Shannon is promoted to sheriff. A group of teenagers is attacked by Slashers near the Snakehead Falls. Full moon in Terra Nova.
  • ~September 28: (Night) Lieutenant Okuda and two soldiers are killed by Malcolmus pterosauri.
  • ~September 29: (Night) First wave of Malcolmus arrives at the colony.
  • ~September 30: (Night) Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon capture a male and female Malcolmus.

October Edit

  • ~October 1: (Night) The Malcolmus population attacks the colony. Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon use synthetic pheromones to lure the herd to the Triple Junction valley.
  • ~October 2: Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon return to the colony.

December Edit

  • December 12: The Terra Nova officers prepare the Portal Terminus to receive the Eleventh Pilgrimage.
  • December 12: (Night) Skye visits her mother at the Sixers' camp. She is then asked by Lucas to complete his caculations at the colony's supercomputer The Eye.
  • ~December 13: Skye connects the data card Lucas gave her into The Eye, thus finishing his calculations to make the Portal go both ways. Later that day, she handles it to him at the Sixers' camp.
  • ~December 15: Skye reveals to Commander Taylor and Jim that she was the Sixer spy. She would spy for the Sixers in exchange for her mother's treatment for Sincyllic Fever.
  • ~December 15: (Night) Lucas goes to the Portal Terminus site and goes back to 2149.
  • December 19: Lucas is seen in a dome near Chicago training an army, Phoenix Group, to invade Terra Nova.
  • December 20: The Eleventh Pilgrimage departs to Terra Nova.[22] Only five colonists went through, including Kara, Josh's gilfriend, but she is soon killed when a suicide bomber goes through the Portal right after her. The blast wounded Jim, who welcomed Kara. Later, the Phoenix Group took over the colony.
  • December 23: Jim wakes up from a coma caused by the blast.[23] He leaves the infirmary and finds out that the colony was taken over by the Phoenix Group.


  • Jim Shannon's 6 year imprisonment would have ended this year.



  • It is estimated that by this year, there will be no human life in North America.[17]


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