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    As you can see in the picture on the right, the prop of Elisabeth’s ID card has her name written in the corner. If you can find any screencap from the show where this text is readable, even if it only became readable after the screencap was edited (in terms of brightness, contrast etc.), please upload the screenshot here. I’d really appreciate it.

    As a thank you, I can grant you a request for a Terra Nova one-shot fanfic or some kind of a graphic edit or a gifset on Tumblr if you’re into that (provided that your request is within my ability).

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    • Could be in the episode where Josh has to steal it in order for Boylan to copy it.

      It was in the episode "Proof" I believe. I'll get back on that.

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    • In Proof, I managed to find screencaps where I could read the “ABE” in ELISABETH, but not the full first name. Actually, I don’t really need the full name; what I’m trying to find is the letter S in ELISABETH. If you find any screencaps where that’s readable (in Proof or any other episode), please upload them here.

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    • Ah, the old discussion about Elisabeth or Elizabeth.

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    • Just trying to find proof within the show that the spelling with a Z is incorrect and that the activated version of the ID badge is an unreliable source of information.

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