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The Terra Nova motion comic was a package that came with the DVD that allowed fans to create a motion comic about Terra Nova. The pictures allowed fans to continue the story where the show ended. The package only contained the characters Nathaniel Taylor, Jim Shannon and Lucas Taylor.

Fans could submit their motion comic to When FOX has approved the video, it was shown on the site's gallery. As of December 2013, the site was no longer active and redirects to Fox Movies.[1]


Terra nova v3

Motion comic flyer.

The DVD release of the show came with a flyer about the motion comic. The flyer said:

How would you have ended the Terra Nova story?
Would the Sixers Lucan and Phoenix Group have completed their secret mission? Or would Commander Taylor and the Shannons have been able to win back Terra Nova for the future? And how did the wooden figurehead get there?

As a loyal fan, you now have an exclusive opportunity to access the Terra Nova Files and help complete the story the way you'd like it!

The flyer also had a 16-digit code.



Terra Nova Story website.

The Terra Nova Files could be downloaded from the site after entering the DVD code. The package contained a set of pictures, sound effects and film soundtrack.

The additional PDF named Terra Nova Video Mash-­‐up Submission Process said:

Now that you have downloaded all media for Terra Nova it’s time for you to create your own ending!

  • Browse through all the art, score and sound effects provided in this package.
  • Use your favorite video editing software create your own ending to the Terra Nova Story. We recommend the following free video editing software on your Mac or PC:
    • Mac – iMovie
    • PC -­‐ MovieMaker
  • Upload your video to your personal YouTube account.
  • Go to and click ‘SUBMIT YOUR YOUTUBE LINK NOW’ to register your Terra Nova ending with the site.
  • Fox Home Entertainment will be review your submission for inclusion on the official video gallery.
  • When you receive notice that your video has been approved, share it with your friends!


TN38WORK2 cs

The story of the comic was free for every fan to make up. However, the limited amount of locations and characters in the pictures contrained the possible stories fans could create. contained an example video for which most pictures had been used. This is the story of that example video:

Lucas Taylor is wounded in his left side and walks through the jungle of Terra Nova. Back in the Colony Nathaniel Taylor and Jim Shannon decide to follow Lucas.

Lucas has to cross an area with long grass. In the grass two Acceraptors are feeding on a prey. When the two raptors spot Lucas they growl at him and Lucas draws his knive.

TN45-46WORK cs
TN69BbackdropWORK JG

Lucas finally finds a cave and enters it. Taylor and Jim follow him into the cave. The in- and outside of the cave is littered with objects from various epochs of history: sailing ships, canons, a greek pillar, a Egyptian mummy and the Ark of the Covenant.

The full moon shines through an oculus in the roof of the cave. Taylor and Jim confront Lucas. He informs them that another portal to 2149 will form in this cave. The meteor shower provides the necessary charge to summon the gateway.

When the portal opens Lucas tells Taylor that he will come back with a bigger army and disappears.

Then the video shows the words: "Or should it end like this:" Then a scene is shown where dinosaurs run havok through the cities of 2149.

The video closes with the message that every fan can create their own favourite ending.




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