Tasha Guzman
Actor Aisha Dee
Seen In "Genesis"
Name Tasha Guzman
Status Living
Family Guzman, father
Job Unknown

Tasha Guzman is a teen living in Terra Nova and Guzman's daughter. She is a housemate of Skye, Max and Hunter.


Before Terra Nova

Currently unknown.

At Terra Nova

Tasha is currently housemates with Skye, Max and Hunter Boyce.

While attempting to leave the forest and head back to Terra Nova, Tasha and her friends discovered that their rover's power cells were taken by Sixers. Skye managed to persuade Drake, a Sixer, to let them into the rover. After a series of Slasher attacks, Tasha refused to remain in the rover and wait for help, and despite her friends protesting to the idea, Tasha grabbed a gun and charged into the deadly night. She was promptly attacked and viciously shredded by a Slasher after running a considerable distance from the rover, and was later rescued by Commander Taylor's rescue team, and given surgery back at Terra Nova.



  • Tasha is shown as being a rebellious teen who, while not living with her father, is happy they came to Terra Nova.
  • Tasha is shown to be unable to control her fear. Because she panicked, she was severely injured and almost killed.
  • Tasha is also very polite. She kindly greeted Josh when meeting him for the first time.





  • She only appears in "Genesis". In a deleted scene, she's being taken care of by Dr. Elisabeth Shannon at the Infirmary after she was attacked by a Slasher. Elisabeth tells Tasha's father that she did everything she could to treat his daughter from the injuries, but it's unclear whether she survives or not. There is a behind the scenes photo of this scene.[1]


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