Skye Tate
Skye Promo
Actor Allison Miller
First Seen Genesis
Last Seen Resistance
Name Skye Alexandria Tate
Status Living
Family Deborah Tate (mother; infected with Sincyllic Fever)
Father (deceased)
Nathaniel Taylor (legal guardian)
Skye: “What was she like?”
Josh: “I don't know. Just, uh, really smart. She was really funny. But she had a tough side, too. She was kind of like you.”
— “Instinct

Skye Alexandria Tate (nicknamed “Bucket” by her family) is a teenager and veteran resident of Terra Nova who came on the Fifth Pilgrimage. She is very friendly and helpful toward others, but does have an adventurous side.

Her father was a corporal under Nathaniel Taylor, but her parents were alleged to have died of Sincyllic Fever. She was then taken care of by Taylor. Best friends with Josh Shannon, she guides him through the new world.


Skye is a thrill-seeker and doesn’t mind living life on the edge. She is very strong-willed and brave. She is a natural leader and is good at taking charge and making decisions under stress. She does what she feels is right for her friends and family, even if it means doing something that is otherwise wrong and forbidden. Skye can be independent, but still turns to others for guidance when needed. Despite her mental and physical toughness, Skye misses having a family and the connections they can bring. She seemed jealous of seeing Josh’s parents worried about his well-being and showing affection towards each other.


Skye is 5′ 2″ (1.57 m) tall, thin, white female. She has long, wavy, brown hair, which she often either lets flow fairly freely (sometimes with braids at the sides of her head), or she pulls it into a messy ponytail or a half up do. Skye’s eye color is blue. She usually wears only little make-up. When it comes to clothes, Skye frequently chooses to dress in simple pants and shirts, at times with jackets or light hoodies. As far as footwear goes, Skye seems to prefer boots suitable for the jungle environment.


Before Terra NovaEdit

Skye was probably born in 2132 or 2133.[1] Skye’s father was in the army and she wanted to grow up to be just like him. She would often dress up like him by wearing a bucket on her head and prancing around, thus earning her the affectionate nickname “Bucket.”

At Terra NovaEdit


Skye showing how to crack open a sugar apple

Skye arrived to Terra Nova on the Fifth Pilgrimage and spent the later years of her childhood there. During the winter of 2146–2147, there was an outbreak of Sincyllic Fever. Skye’s father died from it and her mother caught it as well. In March 2147[2], her mother was secretly moved to the Sixers’ camp as they were the only ones with medicine. Unbeknownst to her mother, Mira agreed to save Deborah’s life only if Skye spied for the Sixers. Skye accepted and frequently gave them information about the inside workings of the colony; however, she tried not to reveal anything that would hurt Terra Nova too much.

Following the supposed deaths of both of her parents, Nathaniel Taylor became Skye’s guardian. The two grew very close. They sometimes played chess together, and they took walks to the memorial field every year. Taylor gave her a sonic pistol for her birthday, later claiming she was a good shot. Skye eventually started working and moved to a house with Tasha, Max and Hunter. Together, they were rather rebellious, made their own moonshine from fruts and weren’t afraid to go “outside the gates” of the colony.

Skye met Josh Shannon for the first time at the market shortly after he arrived on the Tenth Pilgrimage, and the two quickly became attracted to each other. They, along with Skye’s housemates, went OTG to enjoy their free time and to drink. They also stopped by the Snakehead Falls, an area which was off-limits, where Skye showed Josh calculations on the rocks, although she didn’t know what they were or who had drawn them. They were trapped out in the jungle after their rover’s power cells had been stolen by the Sixers. They were attacked by Slashers but managed to survive. As a punishment for going OTG, Skye and Josh had to clean out latrines. The two were later attacked by a swarm of pterosaurs.

Josh and Skye

Josh and Skye talking

Skye gave Josh 60 Terras so he could buy a guitar, claiming he could pay it back when he got some money. In “What Remains,” Skye and Josh kissed, however, the latter then pulled away. Josh admitted he liked Skye, but said he couldn’t date her because of Kara. Skye told him she understood and then introduced him to Tom Boylan, hoping he might be able to help Josh get Kara to Terra Nova. When Josh had to go OTG to meet with Mira, Skye expressed her worries, saying there was no telling what Mira was up to. In the end, she went there with him to support him.

In “Nightfall,” Skye took Hunter to Terra Nova’s infirmary, where they found out there was a Taroca parasite inside of his body. When the medical staff was preoccupied, Skye had to help and try to extract the parasite herself. Hunter admitted that, even though he knew she was in love with Josh, he was interested in Skye. She, however, did not share Hunter’s feelings and instead considered him to be like her brother.

When Josh had to steal medicine for the Sixers, Skye said that was going too far and she would no longer help him, expressing doubt whether Mira could really bring Kara to Terra Nova. She later attended the Harvest Festival and was seen speaking to Dunham and Mark Reynolds.

Skye, Taroca parasite

Skye at the infirmary, extracting a Taroca parasite from Hunter

Skye had a medical internship with Josh’s mother, Dr. Elisabeth Shannon. One time when she was communicating with the Sixers, she was almost caught by Jim Shannon and Mark Reynolds. In her attempt to escape, she cut her hand. Jim found a drop of her blood, which was then tested for DNA. Thanks to her access to the infirmary, Skye managed to stop the DNA test before it could reveal it was hers. However, she still appeared on the list of suspects. When interrogated by Jim, Skye said she had been with Josh during the time the spy had tried contacting the Sixers. She then asked Josh to cover for her, claiming she’d lied because she had been stealing copper tubing. Josh initially agreed, but told his father the truth after Jim had seen footage of Skye secretly leaving the colony on a security camera.

In “Within,” Lucas Taylor forced Skye to take his calculations to the Eye to finish them faster, threatening to kill her mother if she didn’t comply. After he finished his work and told her that his employers would attack Terra Nova, he kissed her on the cheek and left to head for the portal terminus. Tearful Skye admitted what she had done to her mother. Deborah insisted that Skye should tell Commander Taylor what had happened and leave her in the Sixers’ camp to die. Skye found Taylor with Jim Shannon, who had already discovered that Skye was the spy. She revealed that her mother was alive and that Lucas was about to go to 2149, and urged them to stop him. Later on, Curran saved Skye’s mother and brought her to Terra Nova along with her medicine, much to Skye’s relief. However, Taylor, angry because of her betrayal, refused to speak to Skye.

Skye Shooting

Skye shooting Lucas

When Terra Nova was taken over by the Phoenix Group, Lucas again showed his attraction to Skye. He said he should have killed her for betraying him but had decided to forgive her because Taylor was like a father to her, which made them siblings. He told her to meet him in Boylan’s bar and inappropriately touched her, even though she had asked him not to. Josh tried to help Skye stop Lucas by attacking him. When Lucas wanted to kill Josh as a revenge, Skye persuaded him to release her friend. She sent a message to Taylor’s camp, helping the Shannons escape from the colony. Skye proceeded to use Lucas’s trust and lure him into a trap. Lucas, however, managed to escape. Eventually, Skye shot Lucas twice to save Commander Taylor’s life and then tended to Taylor’s stab wound, which had been inflicted by Lucas. After the Phoenix Group had left, she returned to the colony.


Josh ShannonEdit


Josh and Skye

Skye has an affectionate and close relationship with Josh, who is, without a doubt, one of her best friends. She first met him after his arrival to Terra Nova and she seemed rather eager to show him around. The two took a real liking to each other and quickly began spending a lot of time together, in and outside of the colony. Skye was once seen kissing him on a cheek and placing her hand on his thigh. When they eventually shared their first mutual kiss, Josh reluctantly admitted that he still had feelings for his girlfriend, Kara, in 2149. Skye then agreed to help Josh get Kara to Terra Nova, even though she was in love with him. She said she would no longer help him when he wanted to steal medicine for the Sixers, but the two eventually made up. Josh comforted Skye when she thought her mother would die in the Sixers’ camp, and he kissed her on the top of her head. He also tried to save her when Lucas bothered her in Boylan’s bar, and she then saved him by convincing Lucas not to kill Josh. It is unknown how their relationship continued after Kara’s death.

Nathaniel TaylorEdit

Taylor and Skye

Taylor and Skye

Taylor became Skye’s legal guardian after her parents had supposedly died. The two have a mutual respect for one another and love each other deeply. The two were seen spending time together by playing chess. It was said that they regularly visited the memorial field together and that every time Taylor told her how proud her parents would be. Skye did not want to disappoint or anger Taylor, but she still lied to him about her mother’s death, spying for the Sixers and going to the Snakehead Falls. When Taylor found out the truth, he was very angry with Skye. He distanced himself from her, refused to speak to her, and their relationship was, presumably temporarily, broken. Skye then saved Taylor’s life by shooting his son Lucas, who was trying to kill him.

Deborah TateEdit

Skye and Deborah

Deborah and Skye

Skye loves her mother, Deborah, passionately, so much that she was willing to spy on Terra Nova to save her life. When Deborah fell victim to the Sincyllic Fever, Skye took her to the Sixers’ camp. Because the Sixers were the only ones with a cure, Skye reluctantly agreed to become a mole, unbeknownst to Deborah. Eventually, Deborah was saved and brought to Terra Nova to live with her daughter.

Lucas TaylorEdit


Lucas and Skye

Skye isn’t fond of Lucas, mainly because of his brutality, but he evidently liked her, despite the fact he threatened to kill her mother during their very first encounter. He always called her either “Bucket” or “sister.” In “Within,” he kissed her on the cheek once. In “Occupation,” he asked her to meet him in Boylan’s bar and caressed her cheek, an action Skye did not approve. She tried to make him stop but he grabbed her hand and refused to let go until Josh attacked him. Skye then persuaded Lucas not to kill Josh. Later on, Skye lured Lucas into a trap and slightly taunted him for losing the upper hand. In the end, she was forced to shoot Lucas in order to prevent him from killing Taylor, but he supposedly survived.

Hunter BoyceEdit

Skye in Terra Nova

Skye protecting Hunter from Slashers

Skye and Hunter both came on the Fifth Pilgrimage and eventually became housemates. They are very close and Skye thinks of him as her brother. Following the alleged death of her parents, she claimed he was the closest thing she had to a family. Hunter’s interest in Skye was more romantic, but he acknowledged that she was in love with Josh, which saddened him greatly.

Creation and DevelopmentEdit

In the original script for the pilot episode of Terra Nova, there was no mention of Skye nor any character that would resemble her. Her character was added only after the original plans were changed.

When “Genesis” was originally filmed, it included a scene revealing that Skye had approached Josh to gather information about the Shannons for Taylor, who wanted to know how Jim got into Terra Nova. Even though Skye did not know why Taylor was so interested in the Shannons, she was willing to help Taylor. This scene was later cut, leaving the fact Skye was fond of Josh as her only motivation for hanging out with him.

The creators of the show liked the scene at the end of “Genesis” with Skye and Taylor talking, feeling as though it showed the father-daughter bond they had. As the series went on, they realized they had not explored that relationship further, which they decided to do, and they came up with the idea to make Skye turn out to be the Sixers’ spy.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Skye really liked Xiphkabob, even though the fish it was made from was very ugly.
  • In the commentary for “Occupation/Resistance,” Stephen Lang joked that Skye was to going to be revealed as an android in season 2, referring to the fact she had no visible injuries after Lucas slammed her head to a Rhino.

List of AppearancesEdit



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  1. Skye was implied to be 16 years old in “Genesis” on September 27th, 2149.
  2. In “Now You See Me,” Mira claimed she had been in the jungle for almost a thousand days, corresponding with March 2147. Deborah was said to be taken to the Sixers’ camp in winter approximately three years before the end of 2149, meaning it must have been in March 2147.
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