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Even though Terra Nova was cancelled in March 2012,[1] the show's executive producer Brannon Braga revealed plot points for the planned second season.

Braga told in an interview that the show's writing team had already outlined a "season two bible" prior to the show being dropped. He revealed there would be "intelligent dinosaurs" on the Badlands and the Phoenix Group that went there would be massacred by those creatures. The show would also have gone in a darker direction, with Taylor starting to go crazy and Jim Shannon having to step up into a leadership position.[2]

"The main source of conflict would be between Taylor and Jim Shannon, and a battle for control of the colony and how to deal with these new dangers."[2]

Stephen Lang, who portrayed Taylor, said the show was going in a darker direction, given the last episodes of Season 1.[3] He added they were about to explore the Badlands, which he antecipated scenes with "a lot of rock and sand and heat." He felt the show took a long time to find its tone throughout Season 1, which led to its cancellation.[3]

"They had very interesting plans for my character, I know that there was a touch of madness on the table. I was looking forward to going in that direction."[3]