Sam Marcos
Actor Angus Freer
First Seen The Runaway
Last Seen Vs.
Name Sam Marcos
Status Living
Family Biological mother (deceased)
Biological father (deceased)
Leah Marcos (sister)
Adoptive mother

Sam Marcos is a young boy who was living with the Sixers before returning to the Terra Nova colony. He has an older sister named Leah. His biological parents are deceased; he and his sister were eventually adopted by an unnamed Terra Novan woman.

Appearance Edit


Sam during his first appearance

Sam is a white boy. He has short, blond hair and blue eyes. During his first appearance on the show, he wore clothes that appeared well-worn and dirty (not unlike the other Sixers); during his second appearance, he was wearing a costume for a play. When he appeared on the show, one of his permanent teeth, the upper left central incisor, seemed to be in the process of erupting.

Biography Edit

Sam Marcos was most likely born in the early 2140s.[1] Apart from his parents, he had an older sister named Leah; he also had a grandmother in New Texas. At some point, his mother succumbed to pleural sarcoma; it is unknown whether she lived long enough to go to Terra Nova with her family.

In 2146, Sam was brought to Terra Nova on the sixth pilgrimage via the rigged lottery,[2] along with his sister and his father, who was one of Mira’s men. In early 2147[3], the Sixers (Sam included) left the colony because Taylor had discovered their true agenda. Following that, they had to stay in the jungle, in less than favorable conditions (for instance, they lacked the optimal amount of food for all members). While out there, Sam’s father was killed by a slasher.

Sam Leah Hug

Sam and Leah Marcos hugging

In the fall of 2149, Mira sent Leah to recover a box for her, threatening to hurt Sam if she did not perform the task. When Jim Shannon went to rescue him, Mira revealed that Sam was not in danger; she had lied to Leah to motivate her. She then released Sam to go live in Terra Nova. Sam and Leah were happily rejoined and adopted by a woman from the third pilgrimage.

Later on, Sam participated in the play for the Harvest Festival, along with Leah. He portrayed one of the pilgrims arriving to Terra Nova. In that episode, Sam appeared to be somewhat shy, whispering to his big sister that he needed a bathroom break instead of asking for it himself.

List of Appearances Edit


Sam and Jim Shannon


  1. While the times at which permanent teeth erupt can vary, upper central incisors usually erupt at age 7–8, according to the American Dental Association.
  2. Now You See Me
  3. In “Now You See Me,” Mira claimed she had been in the jungle for almost one thousand days.
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