Richard Philbrick
General Philbrick
Actor Stephen Leeder
Seen In "Vs." (remains and flashbacks)
Name Richard Philbrick
Status Deceased
Job General

General Richard Philbrick was Commander Nathaniel Taylor's superior officer, and mentor, before Taylor was selected to lead the first settlers to Terra Nova. General Philbrick had also somehow lost his right arm from below his elbow prior to the departure of the First Pilgrimage. After Commander Taylor learned that his son, Lucas, was attempting to create a passage back to the future, in order to mine Terra Nova of all its resources, Lucas brought Philbrick to the past to relieve Taylor of his command. Taylor refused and in the ensuing argument, both he and Philbrick drew their firearms. General Philbrick was then shot and killed by Commander Taylor, who, with the assistance of Tom Boylan, buried his body next to Pilgrim's Tree. Five years later, Boylan, while being interrogated by Commander Taylor for trading with the Sixers, accidentally revealed to Jim Shannon what he knew of the incident. Shannon would proceed to uncover Philbrick's remains and eventually learn what Taylor had done to protect the colony. ("Vs.")

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