The Rhino Transport is a vehicle used for the mobilization of the residents of Terra Nova for expeditions, pursuits and searches.


Standard RhinoEdit

Flatbed RhinoEdit

The Rhino can be modified to carry large round cargo containers.

Heavy RhinoEdit

The Phoenix group used at least one heavily armored Rhino during the occupation of Terra Nova. It had more armor all-around, but especially at the front.


  • The angular design of the Rhino is similar to the German Sd.Kfz 251 Halftrack.
  • The Rhino runs on Power Cells; possibly Hydrogen Fuel Cells.
  • The Sixers possessed at least two Rhinos in as shown in "The Runaway". They appear to be of more ramshackle construction, with simple add-on armor consisting of corrugated sheet metal.
  • The Rhino is also present in the year 2149. It is possibly used by modern militaries for troop transporting. The Rhino that Jim Shannon used to sneak into Hope Plaza in 2149 may have also been sent back with the Tenth Pilgrimage.
  • There is no indication that the Rhinos or any other vehicles are constructed in the Colony. They are most likely sent back from the future with the Pilgrimages.