Resistance is the thirteenth and last episode of Season 1 of Terra Nova. It was broadcasted as the second half of the two-hour season finale.

Jim is tortured by Lucas to tell where his father hides. Alicia Washington helps the Shannons escape the colony. Jim and Taylor team up in a last stand against the Phoenix Group.


Jim Shannon and Josh are imprisoned in the brig. Lucas later confronts the two in the brig and Lucas informs Josh that he can go, due to Skye convincing Lucas to let him go. Lucas gives Jim one more chance to tell him where his father is, but Jim remains silent. Lucas then pulls an electrical torture instrument out and prepares to torture Jim until he tells him.

In the infirmary, Weaver is complaining he feels worse with what the nurse injected him with for his bug bites. Elisabeth then appears and informs Weaver that he has been injected with the larvae of parasites that burrow their way into the brain stem of their victim so that the infected victim will die a slow and painful death. She then tells Weaver that she will give him the antidote if he gets Jim out of the brig.

In the brig, Lucas is torturing Jim by giving him powerful electrical shocks. Jim asks why Lucas hates his father so much and demands to know what happened in Somalia. Lucas seems reluctant but finally reveals to Jim that during the war, he and his mother and father were captured and Taylor could only save one person, and he chose Lucas. Lucas was forced to watch as his own mother was slowly killed in front of him. Lucas said even then, at age 14, he could tell his father hated him and regretted his birth, since he had to sacrifice his wife to save Lucas. Jim tries to tell Lucas that it wasn't Taylor's fault that Lucas's mother was killed, but Lucas believes that Taylor could have done more. Weaver then appears and makes up a lie that Taylor's camp has been found. Lucas quickly leaves to prepare an army to invade, and Weaver uses this chance to help Jim escape.

Jim, in a very weakened state from being shocked multiple times, is helped home and Weaver demands the cure. Elisabeth injects Weaver with a sleeping drug and informs Weaver that she never really did inject him with any parasite. The family then begin to make their escape to go join Taylor.

Lucas, who has at this point realized that the story of finding Taylor's camp was a lie, and that Jim has escaped, has the soldiers searching everywhere for them. They break into the Shannon house and find Weaver unconscious on the couch, with Lucas simply remarking "idiot".

The family hides behind some large storage tanks on the outskirts of the colony and wait for Washington. She arrives and tells them that she won't be going with them and she will instead give them more time to escape by creating a distraction. Before preparing to provide it, she tells Jim to remind Taylor of a battle in Somalia. She then leaves, promptly destroying a building and running out towards the center of the colony. The family then escape the colony and are collected by Dunham and brought to Taylor.

Washington is captured and brought to Lucas who knows that the explosion was a distraction to help the Shannon family escape. He pulls out a pistol on her and demands to know which way they went, but Washington refuses to say anything.

Taylor and Jim watch using binoculars, with Taylor aiming a rifle at Lucas, but Jim tells him that it would only make things worse and it would give away their position.

Lucas counts down from three, allowing Washington to answer. However, she simply says, "you have your father's eyes" as her last words. Lucas shoots her in the head point blank and Washington falls dead and Lucas coldly walks away.

At the camp, Zoe tries to help Taylor feel better by talking about what a nice woman Washington was. She tells Taylor all about the skills she taught her, such as how to make a fire and tell which way is north. She then hugs the mourning Taylor and offers him more hugs if he wants them. Reynolds and Maddy express how much they missed each other and are interrupted by Jim. Jim then goes on to tell Taylor that Washington wanted Taylor to remember Cu Lao Cham. Taylor explains that in that battle, he and his men were outnumbered on an island. The only thing connecting them to the mainland was a bridge. Taylor made the tough decision to destroy the bridge to prevent any more enemy soldiers from coming on; however, that would mean they would be cut off from the mainland and thus stuck on that island. Taylor realizes this means that, to prevent any more of the Phoenix Group Soldiers from coming through the portal and destroying the land, they must destroy the portal for good, thus cutting themselves off from 2149.

With the new portal Terminus complete, Hooper and his men move it out into the jungle and ready it to transport the three shipments of meteoric ore through to the employers in 2149. Lucas will drive a fourth, mysterious shipment through as well. Skye offers to go with him, and Lucas accepts.

Jim volunteers to be the one to go through the portal to destroy Hope Plaza as he knows it best as he managed to break in there once. Elisabeth worries that if Jim doesn't make it back, he will be cut off from them forever. Reynolds and Dunham then appear, disguised as Phoenix army members. Elisabeth gives Jim, in addition to the bomb that he would use to destroy the portal, a special medicine for an unknown purpose.

As Lucas drives the mystery shipment, he notices that Skye is staring at him. When he asks why, she tells him that she knows how Lucas can defeat his father. Lucas stops his Rhino Transport and when he asks if she is truly ready to ambush Taylor. She simply remarks "yes, for the ambush part anyway". Dunham and Reynolds then reveal themselves to have been Terra Nova guards and take Lucas hostage.

Dunham, Reynolds and Skye then switch the mysterious shipment with another shipment. Lucas sits inside the rover asking Skye if they are going to destroy the portal. Lucas then acts likes he has given in and that everything is all over for him. With Reynolds and Dunham gone, Lucas then breaks free of the bondage keeping his hands tied and knocks Skye out, who had been trying to start the Rhino, before fleeing on foot.

With the three shipments of meteoric ore through, Lucas tries to call Hooper and inform him that the portal is going to be destroyed, but Hoober can't understand him due to interference caused by the portal. Lucas then runs towards the portal to warn them.

Skye informs Taylor that Lucas has escaped and is fleeing on foot. Taylor heads out to stop him.

The shipment arrives at the portal, a guard apologizes that Lucas couldn't get it here himself, due to something coming up. Weaver, who doesn't seem to care at all, gets the mystery shipment (which has been replaced by a crate with Jim in it) through the portal and Jim dons his rebreather.

Taylor and Lucas Hugging

Lucas races through the jungle towards the portal site, but is knocked over by Taylor. A fist fight ensues, which Taylor wins easily, and throws his bloodied son on the ground. Lucas is impressed that Taylor was able to beat his own son. Taylor then tells Lucas that he is glad his mother is dead, as she would be so ashamed at what Lucas has become. Lucas tells Taylor that it wasn't his fault that his mother died and begins to cry. Taylor, totally caught off guard, is shocked to discover that all these years Lucas thought it was his own fault that his mother was killed. Lucas begs for Taylor to help him and begins to apologize as he cries. He then gets up and embraces his father. Taylor reacts with joy that Lucas is still his son, and the two appear to have made up. Suddenly, Taylor crumbles to his feet, as Lucas draws a knife from Taylor's blood soaked gut. Lucas then slumps down to Taylor's level and calls him an "arrogant fool", saying that Taylor should be begging him for forgiveness. He then prepares to finish Taylor off with a stab to the heart but is shot in the chest by Skye. Lucas stumbles back, bleeding heavily and tries to stab Taylor once more but is knocked down by another shot from Skye. Lucas's limp body crumples into the ferns.

Weaver and Employers

Weaver and his employers at Hope Plaza

In Hope Plaza, Jim is hiding in one of the containers. He peers through a small opening as Weaver and several businessmen, the Phoenix Group employers, arrive to take a look at what Weaver has brought back. Weaver proudly declares that he has brought with him three whole shipments of meteoric ore. The employers, however, seem more interested in the shipment that Jim is hiding in, asking if they investigated the Badlands. Weaver proudly tells them that they did in fact find something, and opens the container, unaware that it was switched out with one with Jim in it. Jim slides to the back of the container, grabs the syringe Elisabeth had given to him, and injects the concealed object in the container with him, with it. As the container door drops open, a large figure inside starts stirring. Suddenly a recently awoken Carnotaurus stumbles outside, and attacks Weaver and the employers, crushing one under its foot and eating him. Jim escapes and runs out to plant the bomb somewhere. Hope Plaza appears to be abandoned. Weaver and an employer take shelter behind a crate and Weaver tricks the employer into running out into the open to see if the coast is clear. However, the man's screams are heard along with the sounds of him being eaten. Jim plants the bomb and fights several soldiers along the way.

Skye dresses Taylor's wounds and apologizes to Taylor for the loss of his son. However, when they look up, Lucas is gone; he apparently had lived and has escaped.

Jim prepares to run back to the portal. Weaver appears and holds a pistol to his head, angrily cursing at Jim, demanding to know if he has any idea what he has cost them. The Carnotaurus comes up behind Weaver. Jim tries to warn him but Weaver won't listen and he is ripped apart by the Carnotaurus and his body thrown aside. The dinosaur then chases after Jim as he takes off down the exploding walkway towards the portal before it is destroyed.

In Terra Nova, Malcolm "accidentally" breaks the Portal Terminus, thus untethering the portal so Jim will appear somewhere else.

Jim makes it through the portal and eludes the Carnotaurus, making his way back to Taylor's camp and kissing Elisabeth.

Mira arrives at the Portal Terminus site. Malcolm has escaped and when Mira insists that her work is done and she wants to go back to see her daughter, Hooper informs her that Hope Plaza was destroyed and they are stuck in the past. A grief-stricken and enraged Mira is left standing there in shock, realizing she will never see her daughter again.

As they sit at their camp, Malcolm comments that being cut off from 2149 makes the jungle seem so much bigger. Taylor suddenly gets a call from Boylan, who tells Taylor that it is now safe to call people as now no one is listening. He tells Taylor that the Phoenix Group suddenly, for no reason, left Terra Nova and headed north, not mentioning to anyone where they were going. He then tells Taylor that he is left all alone in his bar and wants it filled so he tells them to hurry home.


The group head back to Terra Nova where they are happily greeted by the colonists. As they all begin the process of repairing the colony, Taylor tells Jim that he is happy he decided not to throw him out the day he came to the colony. Reynolds then comes and tells Taylor that their northern most patrols spotted the Phoenix Group heading towards The Badlands. Taylor, confused, wonders why they would head out there, as there is nothing out there. Jim then tells Taylor that the container they switched out contained something they recovered in The Badlands, that the employers were interested in seeing. Taylor then has the container brought in.

They open the container and it is revealed that the object inside is a prow of an 18th century ship. Jim and Elisabeth question as to why and how the remains of an 18th century ship ended up in the Badlands in this time period. Taylor doesn't know, but asks what in the Badlands could be so important to them, and what else is out there waiting to be discovered in the Badlands.

Jim tells Elisabeth as they walk home that Taylor has told them not to tell anyone about what they found until they discover how a ship from that era ended up in the Badlands without going through Hope Plaza. Elisabeth agrees that it is weird. They then find Josh, Maddy and Zoe on the porch enjoying a meteor shower. They enjoy watching it and enjoy each others' company and the camera zooms out to show the Earth - green and blue in contrast to 2149's gray- and brown-colored Earth.


The two-hour series finale was shot in September 2011.[1]



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On the DVD release, this episode contains extended scenes:

  • The injured Josh comes home with Skye and tells his mother that Lucas has captured Jim.
  • Lucas sees that Jim has fled from the brig.
  • Malcolm has repaired the Portal Terminus just to blow it up again (so the invasors cannot use it). He is drunk and Skye tells him about the new plan to travel back to the future using the Terminus in order to destroy Hope Plaza so Terra Nova is permanently cut off from the future. (The TV Version features more black screen.)
  • Taylor and Jim talk about where the bomb should be placed in Hope Plaza and then why Jim should do it and not Taylor. Taylor has to look after a thousand colonists, Jim only after his family. Eventually, Taylor gives Jim his pistol (but wants it back later). Then the scene with Elisabeth and the syringe follows. Afterwards, Jim gets into the container. Then Malcolm can be seen delaying repair further.
  • Jim gives Taylor the pistol back.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How did the prow of the ship get into the Badlands?
  • What else is out in the Badlands that the Phoenix Group would abandon Terra Nova for?
  • How did Lucas's employers "know" the ship's prow was in the Badlands? It predates Taylor's trip through the portal. Are they somehow responsible?
  • Who are the "Employers" of the Sixers and the Phoenix Group?
  • What happened to Lucas?
  • How will the Colony survive since Hope Plaza is destroyed?
  • Are the people of Terra Nova really alone in the Cretaceous?


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