The Research Laboratory is the science facility where Dr. Malcolm Wallace works. It contains various specimens of prehistoric flora and fauna.


The Research Laboratory is located near the Terra Nova Command Base ("Nightfall"). It appears to be some distance from the Infirmary, as the Infirmary was full while the Research Laboratory was empty when Sixers broke in to steal The Box ("Nightfall"), and no one at the Infirmary noticed the commotion when Jim and Taylor came in and fought with the Sixers. It may be in the same overall structure though, since Malcolm asked Elisabeth Shannon "what brings you to my end of the compound?" (unless "compound" refers to the whole Terra Nova colony) when he brought the Ankylosaurus egg into the lab in "Bylaw" (Elisabeth was in the lab because she was doing an autopsy on the soldier killed by the Nykoraptor). Additional evidence that they adjoin in some way can be seen in "Now You See Me": after Jim convinces Malcolm to try to isolate the blood in the paint sealant, Zoe Shannon is seen leaving the Lab with the baby Ankylosaurus under her jacket, and then the next shot shows her walking through the Infirmary where Elisabeth is working.



  • Malcolm refers to the Lab as the only home he ever had.
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