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1st Pilgrimage badge.

  • The artwork of the First Pilgrimage badge by Ian MacRitchie features the face of Commander Nathaniel Taylor on a yellow and orange background.
  • Nathaniel Taylor was the first human to arrive in Terra Nova. He came to Terra Nova 118 days before the rest of the First Pilgrimage arrived.
  • Departed from 2142.[1]


  • The Second Pilgrimage badge features the main gate of the colony in a green frame.
  • Nathaniel Taylor's son, Lucas, was part of the Second Pilgrimage and went missing a few years later.
  • Casey Durwin, became salesman at the Market.
  • The portal sent everyone who came through 8 kilometres north of the future location of the Portal Terminus (which had not been constructed at the time of the Second Pilgrimage).


  • The Third Pilgrimage badge features the upper jaw of a large Theropod in a red-brown frame.
  • Included the woman who would take care of Leah Marcos and her brother after they left the Sixers.[2]
  • The portal sent everyone who came through right into the center of Arrow Point Lake.


  • The Fourth Pilgrimage badge features the typical A Family is Four propaganda in a blue frame.
  • The Fourth Pilgrimage brought the Portal Terminus, which required some assembly, and which would anchor the Terra Nova end of the Time Portal so that the Fifth Pilgrimage would end up where Taylor wanted them.
  • If we assume that Ken Horton was notified of his acceptance on the Fifth Pilgrimage sometime after the Fourth Pilgrimage departed, then since Andrew Fickett murdered him in part to steal his place on the Fifth Pilgrimage, the Fourth Pilgrimage must have departed some time before Horton's body was found on May 27, 2144.


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  • The Sixth Pilgrimage badge features a luminous waterlily-like plant in a cyan frame.
  • People on the Sixth Pilgrimage include:


  • The Seventh Pilgrimage badge features futuristic artwork in a blue-grey frame.
  • The Seventh Pilgrimage departed in 2146.[4]
  • Howard Milner
  • Rebecca Milner


TNOV P8 v4 Preview 860
  • The Eighth Pilgrimage badge features a large "8" drifting in space. Its upper circle contains the Earth from our universe. Its lower circle contains the Earth from Terra Nova, with a green supercontinent. This is very similar to the mission insignia of Apollo 8. Because the number of the Pilgrimage is used in the artwork, the overall design of the badge is different than the other badges. It has a light brown frame.


  • The Ninth Pilgrimage badge features a green Earth with Pangaea. Large trees and other plants stick out of the planet. It has a green frame.


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  • The Tenth Pilgrimage badge features a large sailing ship from the Age of Exploration. It has a yellow frame.
  • Travelers of the Tenth Pilgrimage were announced on July 31, 2149.[5]
  • The Tenth Pilgrimage departed on September 26, 2149.[5]
  • After the arrival of the Tenth Pilgrimage the number of colonists exceeded 1,000.
  • Travelers included the Shannon family:


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  • The Eleventh Pilgrimage badge features the double particle accelerator at Hope Plaza, in an orange frame.
  • Over a hundred people were planned for the Eleventh Pilgrimage.[6]
  • The Eleventh Pilgrimage departed late in 2149.
  • The Eleventh came with only five pilgrims, Kara included. The last was a man with a bomb on his chest. It exploded, destroying the Portal Terminus. Kara was killed and Jim was knocked unconscious for three days. Later, Jim destroyed Hope Plaza and Malcolm deactivated the new Portal Terminus. This cut them off from the future, therefore making the Eleventh Pilgrimage possibly the last one to ever come through. ("Occupation-Resistance")
  • Peter Cameron
  • Cameron Boy
  • Frannie Cameron
  • Kara
  • Thin Man


  • Nobody from the Fourth, Eighth or Ninth Pilgrimages have been identified.
  • Tom Boylan came on either the First or Second Pilgrimage, given Elisabeth's comment in "Vs." that Richard Philbrick came through "sometime between the Second and the Third Pilgrimages", and given that Boylan helped Taylor bury Philbrick's body.


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