Why are you looking for Pilgrim's Tree? Well, it's the large banyan that Taylor lived in when he first came through the portal.
Malcolm Wallace
File:Pilgrim's tree map.jpg

The Pilgrim's Tree is a banyan tree where Commander Nathaniel Taylor lived when he first came through the Portal.


When Taylor came through the Portal by himself in 2142, he found a banyan tree that kept him safe from the prehistoric dangers of Terra Nova. He spent 118 days alone before the rest of the First Pilgrimage arrived. ("Vs.")

When Boylan was suspected of being a Sixer spy, he was imprisioned and Commander Taylor drugged his food to get him to relax and confess. Boylan, in his drugged state, told Jim, thinking he was Taylor, that he was going to blackmail Taylor with the fact that he killed someone and burried it under Pilgrim's tree. The body turned out to be General Richard Philbrick] who came through a non-scheduled pilgrimage to take over Taylor's command in the Colony. Taylor refused and in the ensuing argument, both he and Philbrick drew their firearms. General Philbrick was then shot and killed by Commander Taylor, who, with the assistance of Boylan, buried his body next to Pilgrim's Tree.

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