Phoenix Cartouche

Phoenix Group banner.

The Phoenix Group is the private army hired by Lucas Taylor and his employers to take over Terra Nova. They are said to be "the best army money can buy", and that they are trained killers. They have no mercy for any life form, human or otherwise, even to the point where they smashed the head of Malcolm Wallace's lab assistant into a window and let him bleed to death when Malcolm refused to repair the Portal Terminus.


The flag of the Phoenix Group is composed of three colors: black, white and red. This is a nod to the Nazi flag. The center of the flag features a Phoenix bird.


Phoenix Group in a dome

Phoenix Group in a dome

In the opening of "Occupation", Phoenix Group is shown to be based in a dome a short distance from Hope Plaza, but still outside the City Center of Chicago. Their dome is full of industrial equipment, to manufacture weapons. The dome contains pollution-producing factories inside, rather than outside, for reasons unknown.


Their uniform has a camouflage print with a greyish color and a black military beret with the group's logo. Hooper wears a red beret, indicating a different function.


The Phoenix Group operates very high tech equipment. Their weapon of choice is an assault rifle with a pistol as a sidearm. They also have at least one rocket launcher for heavy assault, and a sniper rifle for long range attacks. Phoenix Group soldiers wear Army Combat Uniforms and use less bulky armor than the Security Forces of Terra Nova. They drive flatbed Rhinos to transport equipment. They also operate at least two advanced armored personnel carriers that resemble a 20th century German SdKfz 234/3 Puma armored car.

Occupation of Terra NovaEdit

When the Phoenix Group attacked Terra Nova, they took 26 lives, many of them innocent bystanders, and destroyed most of Terra Nova. They kept the colony under strict military rule until collaboration between citizens finally led to the destruction of Hope Plaza. After the destruction of the portal, Phoenix Group left the colony and moved north with the Sixers to the Badlands.

The Phoenix Group's main purpose was simply to take Terra Nova by force, kill Nathaniel Taylor if possible, and to keep the colony under control while Lucas, Weaver, and their employers burned the continent to expose meteoric iron to send it back to 2149. It does not appear that the Phoenix Group had a direct role in strip-mining the planet, which was taken up mostly by a few specialists.

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