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Scientific name Ovosaurus
Diet Carnivorous
Creature type Dinosaur
Deaths caused TBA
Episode Appearances "What Remains"

Ovosaurs are fictional dinosaurs featured in Terra Nova. They are small, dog sized, theropods with many spikes on their heads and upper neck. Ovosaurus are only thinly feathered on the back. Their arms have larger feathers colored blue (lower arm) and yellow (upper arm). They also have larger feathers at the tip of their tails.


The ovosaur made its debut in the episode "What Remains". Ovosaurs seemed to have an obsession with the nickel used in Terra Nova communication cables. Malcolm Wallace remarked that the nickel is "like catnip to them." They were sighted by Malcolm and Jim while investigating the virus at Outpost 3.


What RemainsEdit


ZBrush models by Justin Lewers.[1]



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