Nurse Ogawa
Nurse Ogawa
Actor Carmel Rose
First Seen "Nightfall"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Ogawa
Status Living
Job Nurse

Nurse Ogawa is a nurse in the Terra Nova infirmary.


Before Terra NovaEdit

At Terra NovaEdit

Nurse Ogawa assisted Elisabeth Shannon with the operation to remove Hunter's parasite and other patients injured as a result of the EMP ("Nightfall").

During Jim Shannon's investigation for the Sixer's spy, Ogawa is a suspect due to her being in the infirmary the night that evidence leading to the spy was destroyed. When asked if she saw anything suspicious, she replies no ("Within").

She is still employed as a nurse during the occupation by the Pheonix Group and assisted Elisabeth Shannon in removing bullets and shrapnel from injured soldiers legs. She later injects Weaver with an antihestimene for his bugbites ("Occupation/Resistance").

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