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November 28, 2011
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"Now You See Me" is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Terra Nova. Taylor and Mira square-off in the jungle where he learns more about her plans and about his son. But then they both face a pair of slashers they must conquer together. Meanwhile, the "Sixer" mole scrambles to cover her tracks as Terra Nova goes on lockdown and Jim closes in. Also, Zoe faces a difficult decision and releases the ankylosaur for which she has been caring.


Dunham (109)
Commander Taylor prepares to leave the colony on his own for a 24-hour quest. He tells Skye that when he returns they'll have to go visit Memorial Field together, the gravesite of Skye's parents. He tells her that her parents would be proud of the young woman she has become since their death. As Taylor prepares his motorbike, a young, eager soldier appears and reminds him that the current security procedures for the colony, which have been heightened due to the presence of the unknown Sixers' spy, ban unnecessary travel outside the gates of the compound. Jim echoes the soldier's thoughts, but Taylor insists that he still must leave. Because Washington is away on another mission, Taylor leaves Jim in charge of the colony, as temporary commander, as he says Jim is the only one there he can trust fully right now.

As Taylor explores the area around the waterfall, he finds more of Lucas' equations engraved into the nearby rocks. As he inspects the remains of a campfire, evidence that Lucas was there, Mira suddenly appears behind him, pointing a sonic rifle at him. She tells him that Lucas is getting closer every day to creating a two-way time portal between 2149 and Terra Nova. She then ties up Taylor's hands behind his back.

Back at the colony, Zoe is caring for her pet baby ankylosaur in her mother's lab and still trying to decide what to name the dinosaur. For the time being, she decides to call it "Boxer", even though she is reminded she has named it many things over the time they've had it.

Jim and Mark Reynolds are called to a watch tower to observe a flashing light that another soldier has noticed, coming from the jungle. Jim deduces that this light must be the method the Sixers are using to communicate with the spy inside the colony, so Jim tells Mark and the other soldier to immediately begin scanning with their binoculars for any signs of a signaling light coming from within the colony's walls. Mark finds a flashing light coming from somewhere in an unfinished housing development. Jim orders Mark to come along with him to the development, and they begin searching for the source of the flashing light signals. They don't find anyone at the scene, but Skye is seen hiding from the men, her hand holding a piece of glass, bleeding. Jim notices a small drop of what appears to be blood floating on the surface of some paint sealant in a can.

In the jungle, Mira begins to lead Taylor back to the Sixers, but finds that their communication is down. As they continue on through the jungle, Mira tells Taylor the people who hired her want to take Terra Nova's resources back through a two-way time portal. They want her to take care of Taylor so they can get what they want, and in return she would be rewarded. Taylor makes an attempt at an escape, and fails, but in his effort he finds and picks up a sharp thorn or dinosaur claw that he can use to slowly cut the ropes around his wrists.

Meanwhile, Jim makes an attempt to collect the drop of blood floating on the paint sealant, but when he touches it, the blood immediately disperses into the liquid, diluting it. Skye is stopped by Josh, who apologizes with the way he had been acting in his effort to get Kara to Terra Nova by working with the Sixers. She tells him that she is very late and hurries off, still bleeding from her hand. In the lab, Malcolm warns Elisabeth that Zoe's pet must be released back into the wild very soon, or else it will not be able to survive. Skye comes in and retrieves a can of medical spray, secretly using it behind a cabinet to heal her wounded hand. Jim then walks in to the lab with the can of paint sealant and diluted blood, hoping that Elisabeth can do something with it in order to get DNA from it to reveal the identity of the spy. She reminders Jim that she is a doctor, not a chemist, but that Malcolm may have better luck with it.

Mira continues leading Taylor towards her camp, telling him that she was an ex-con, homeless and on the streets, trying to find a way to have a better life for her daughter, Sienna. A pterosaur flies from the trees above them, providing Taylor, who has managed to cut off his ropes, with the chance to overtake Mira and gain the upper hand. With a small struggle, he does so, and manages to gain control of her weapons. As Taylor now begins leading Mira away, a Slasher is seen, silently watching them from the cover of a bush.

Some Sixers are seen waiting in a transport, wondering where Skye is. She is apparently late for their meeting.

Skye sees Josh preparing to go outside the gates for work detail to do some digging, and she asks if she can come and help. He tells her to go get ready and come along.

Taylor questions Mira on what she knows about his son, Lucas. She tells him that she knows Lucas has a hatred for him that goes back to some event that happened in Somalia years ago. She asks Taylor what happened in Somalia, and he becomes angry and slams her against a tree. She tells him that she is following Lucas' orders and not the other way around. They both then realize that they are being stalked by something.

Malcolm very reluctantly agrees with Jim to see what he can do about trying to salvage a blood sample from the can of paint sealant. Jim and Elisabeth then stop Zoe from trying to sneak the baby ankylosaur out of the lab.

After Sky and Josh arrive at the work detail, Skye mentions that she is going to go check in with the foreman since she had tagged along, but instead she sneaks off and meets up the Sixers at their transport. Arriving at the Sixers' camp, Skye is taken to a hut where a woman is seen lying on a bed. It is revealed that the woman is Skye's mother, who is still suffering from Sincyllic Fever, the same illness which she supposedly had already died from. Skye says she doesn't look good this visit, and a Sixer tells her it's because they didn't give her the medicine at the normal time, since Skye didn't bring intel to them on time. Skye hands over the data and has a quick visit with her ailing mother.

Skye Destroys Evidence
Jim brings Elisabeth a workable sample of blood, that Malcolm was able to remove from the paint sealer can. Elisabeth tells him that getting DNA results from the sample will take overnight to complete, as she puts the sample in a small dish on a machine. Skye returns for her shift at the infirmary and sees that Elisabeth is working on the sample of blood. Later that night, Skye returns and destroys the blood sample.

Back in the jungle, not just one, but two Slashers attack Taylor and Mira, who flee after Taylor fires a few rounds at one of the dinosaurs from the sonic rifle. Taylor and Mira are forced to jump off a nearby waterfall. When he hits the water, Taylor loses the rifle, and it falls to the bottom of the murky water. Taylor comments that the pair of slashers are young, as can be told from the male's markings, and that they are searching for territory to call their own, which makes them extremely dangerous and not likely to give up. He says that they are probably making their way down around to the bottom of the falls as they speak. Taylor gives Mira her knife back saying, "We can fight each other, or we can fight them." They agree to stay there and fight the slashers together.

Jim learns from Elisabeth that the blood sample was destroyed, but Elisabeth notes that this fact narrows the field of spy-possibles down to only the people that have access to the lab.

Taylor Torches Dino
Taylor and Mira work on some bows, arrows and spears, and some flammable concoction they plan on using to defend themselves against the Slashers. Taylor learns that Mira spend time in prison for taking part in a secessionist movement before coming to Terra Nova. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the two Slashers. Mira shoots a coated arrow at one of the slashers, piercing its side. Taylor then throws a flaming spear into the same area of the dinosaur, causing that area of it to catch fire. Writhing in pain, the slasher retreats and the other backs down and follows the first. Later, Mira offers some grubs to Taylor, while he mentions that they would have made a really good team together. They eventually go their separate ways.

Elisabeth tells Jim that the analysis of the blood sample wasn't completely in vain, as the machine was able to determine that the blood's owner was female. This narrows the list of people as possible spies from 84 total people with access to the lab, to just 47 females with access to the lab.

Adoption (109)
Zoe and her parents release the baby ankylosaur back into the wild, where an adult quickly finds it and takes it in.

Taylor returns to camp, asking Jim how he liked being commander, with Jim answering that he wouldn't want to do it every day. As Jim leaves, Skye walks in to see Taylor. Taylor asks if she wants to still go out to Memorial Field, and she says yes. He also says that he really meant what he said the day before, about Skye's parents being proud of her if they were alive. Taylor sees an odd look on Skye's face, but when asked if she has something on her mind, she says no.



  • Elisabeth's line, "Jim, I'm a doctor, not a chemist" is a possible reference to the running joke in Star Trek where Leonard "Bones" McCoy sarcastically tells Captain James Kirk when he is expected to do something beyond his medical profession.
  • It is revealed that Skye is the Sixer mole.
  • This episode takes place almost a month after the episode Bylaw. Maddy says that Zoe has been naming the Baby Ankylosaurus, which was born at the end of episode Bylaw, for "almost a month."
  • This episode is set in the winter. Dialog between Skye and Taylor shows that the anniversary of Skye's parents was near. Skye's parents were among many good people who died "that winter" during the Sincyllic Fever outbreak.


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  • How was Taylor deceived about Skye's mother's death?

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