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Max Pope
Max Pope.png
Actor Eka Darville
First Seen "Genesis"
Last Seen "What Remains"
Name Max
Status Living
Job Unkown

Max Pope is a teen living in Terra Nova. He is a housemate of Skye, Hunter and Tasha.


Before Terra Nova

Origins unknown

At Terra Nova

Max is currently housemates with Skye, Tasha and Hunter Boyce.

Shortly after the arrival of the Tenth Pilgrimage, Max and his friends went outside the colony to check on the moonshine they had been brewing. When ready to return to Terra Nova, they discovered that Sixers had stolen their vehicle's power cells. Spotting a Slasher, the teens took refuge inside of the powerless Sixer vehicle with Drake. After attempting to wait out the Slasher attacks, the teens decided to attempt to repower their vehicle. Max and Josh ran back to their cruiser to power it up, but Max was injured by a Slasher blade to his chest. Luckily, Commander Taylor and the security forces arrived and rescued the teens. ("Genesis")

He later shared drinks with his friends while watching shooting stars. ("What Remains")






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