Mark Reynolds
Actor Dean Geyer
First Seen "Genesis"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Mark Reynolds
Status Alive
Job Terra Nova Security

Mark Reynolds is a Terra Nova resident who works in Security. He came on the Fifth Pilgrimage.


Before Terra NovaEdit

At Terra NovaEdit

Reynolds came in the Fifth Pilgrimage, and was assigned to Terra Nova Security. He met Maddy Shannon when she arrived at Terra Nova and he seems to be interested in her. He is afraid of Maddy's dad.



He seems to be rough but protective, perfectly military, yet still young and impulsive. He is initially romantic, sweet, sensitive and understanding, especially towards Maddy, who he loves very much. Proven to be good with kids, he would often help Maddy babysit Zoe.


Mark seems to show interest in Maddy Shannon by being protective of her. His feelings also are shown to be mutual. In "The Runaway", Mark declares his intentions for Maddy and asks permission to court her. In "Nightfall" Mark kisses Maddy in a tree when she asked him to because she was afraid she was going to die without ever kissing anyone. In "Now You See Me", he admitted to Mr. Shannon that he wanted to eventually marry her. In Resistance Mark and Maddy go to a secluded spot in Taylor's hideout camp deep in the jungle to be alone and kiss passionately.

It is mentioned in "Bylaw" that Mark was friends with Ken Foster. It is assumed they were good friends because Mark angrily told Maddy that whoever killed Foster should get "banished like they deserve", and Mark was one of the men Jim Shannon questioned at Boylan's Bar.


  • In a deleted scene of "Genesis" Mark reveals to Jim Shannon that he is one of the Sixers and that "if you knew the truth about the Sixth Pilgrimage, you would understand why some around here are on their side."




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