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Malcolmus pterosauria
Scientific name
Malcolmus pterosauri
Piscivorous (eats fish)
Creature type
Deaths caused
Unknown Terra Nova Security Officers
Episode appearances

Malcolmus pterosauri is a small pterosaur that lives in large swarms and is about the size of a crow.

In Terra NovaEdit

These creatures were the main antagonists featured in the episode "Instinct", in which they appeared for the first time in the series, as well as to the Terra Nova residents. They killed 3 of Terra Nova's soldiers as they were in the forest. They then attacked the Terra Nova colony because it was built upon their breeding grounds. They were lured away by a pheromone created by Dr. Elisabeth Shannon and Dr. Malcolm Wallace that marks fertile grounds for breeding.

Life CycleEdit

Malcolmus primarily live near the coast, but travel inland to breed in massive numbers, and then migrate back to the coast to grow to maturity. They do not breed every year. Initially, their breeding ground was the location Terra Nova was built upon, as their eggshells made the ground fertile, but their breeding ground was then moved to the nearby Triple Junction valley.


  • They were named by Malcolm Wallace. It is not known if his suggestion for their scientific name was accepted officially.
  • They display similar behavioral attributes to the Anurognathus in the ITV t.v. show Primeval, which were also ferocious small pterosaurs.
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