Malcolm Wallace
Malcolm Wallace 2
Actor Rod Hallett
First Seen "Instinct"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Malcolm Wallace
Status Living
Job Chief Science Officer

Dr. Malcolm Wallace is a scientist who arrived in Terra Nova on the Fifth Pilgrimage (before the Shannon family). He is the Chief Science Officer in the colony.




Before Terra NovaEdit

Not much is known about Malcolm's family background. His father was persecuted after his testimony at the Edinburgh Hearings of 2119.[1] In the 2120s, Malcolm was studying at an unnamed but prestigious college on an education grant.[2] Here he met Elisabeth and started a relationship with her.

The night before Elisabeth left to start medical school, Malcolm said he didn't understand how people would want to have children, that it was irresponsible to bring them into a dying world. However, Elisabeth really wanted to have children (she eventually got three), so she broke up with Malcolm.

When Malcolm watched the news, probably in 2127, and hears there are plans to colonize the Terra Nova universe he remembered Elisabeth's words. She had said she'd never give up believing that things might one day get better. From then on, he made it his mission to get himself to Terra Nova.

In the early 2140s, Malcolm must have become an accomplished scientist. He was accepted on the Fifth Pilgrimage, together with the famous scholar Ken Horton, and appointed as Terra Nova's chief scientist.

At Terra NovaEdit

Malcolm departed to the Terra Nova universe in 2144. Malcolm gave a recommendation for Elisabeth to be recruited to Terra Nova after hearing that her husband, Jim, had been sentenced to Golad prison. He was in the field when Elisabeth arrived, but soon returned to greet her, only to be shocked to learn that Jim had also come to Terra Nova. .

Elisabeth and Malcolm have to work together on multiple projects, e.i. finding a cure for a deadly virus. ("What Remains")

After an electromagnetic pulse disabled all the colony's technology, Malcolm showed Commander Taylor the redundancy - the chip fabricator. When Malcolm found Maddy Shannon using the DNA Sampler and that she was investigating Ken Horton, Malcolm helped her but the results were inconclusive. Malcolm discovered that a dragonfly that the Sixers were using to communicate with their spy in the colony responded to a certain frequency and then fixed the broken wing of the dragonfly to help Taylor track the Sixer spy. Jim later had Malcolm filter some paint sealant that had a drop of the Sixers spy's blood in it. ("Nightfall", "Proof", "Vs.", "Now You See Me")

Malcolm is quite knowledgeable in numerous sciences from biology, zoology, medicine and diseases to engineering.



  • He named the Malcolmus Pterosauri after himself, claiming to have discovered them.
  • Judging by his accent, it can be determined that Malcolm is English, along with Elisabeth.

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