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Maddy Shannon
Actor Naomi Scott
First Seen "Genesis"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Maddy Shannon
Status Living
Family Jim Shannon (father)
Elisabeth Shannon (mother)
Josh Shannon (brother)
Zoe Shannon (sister)
Job Medical apprenticeship (formerly)
Ken Horton's assistant (formerly)

Maddy Shannon is the 16-year-old daughter of Jim Shannon and Elisabeth Shannon. She is the younger sister of Josh Shannon and the older sister of Zoe Shannon. She is endearingly awkward and hopes that Terra Nova will give her a chance to re-invent herself. Although she is very intelligent, she has a distrust of authority. She came to Terra Nova on the Tenth Pilgrimage.



Before Terra Nova

Maddy was born in 2133 and has excelled academically throughout her life.[1] She views Terra Nova as a great opportunity, and hopes it will bring a better environment to suit her personality. She worries about her grades and knows every dinosaur by name.

Three months before going to Terra Nova, she came home coughing up blood because of her malfunctioning rebreather and was subsequently admitted to the hospital.[2]

At Terra Nova


Maddy was allowed to accompany her mother and brother through the time portal to Terra Nova. She was very excited at the prospect, absorbing what information she could about Terra Nova. When her sister Zoe noted that their new house did not have a room for her, Maddy offered to share her bedroom. On their way to orientation, Maddy told her brother and sister about the probe that is displayed in the common area.

Maddy began an medical internship with her mother at the infirmary. However, she was unable to stomach some of the more gruesome parts of the job.

Maddy has been very responsible during her time at Terra Nova. She takes care of Zoe while her parents are working, and has a relationship with Mark Reynolds, a soldier at the Colony.

Maddy began an internship with Ken Horton, the colony's scientist, but soon discovered he didn't know details of his own life. She looked further into it and discovered that Ken Horton was in fact an imposter, who later tried to kill Maddy using a poisonous spider. ("Proof")

On Harvest Festival, she helped children prepare and perform a play.


Maddy Shannon2.PNG

Maddy is incredibly intelligent and aloof. She knows much of Terra Nova's history and knows the names of all the dinosaurs. She is more observant than Josh, taking in the information they were given about Terra Nova and retaining it. Her vast pool of knowledge, however, can lead to her rambling off facts and bits of information when attempting to be social. She is shown to be very squeamish. When taking an apprenticeship at the Infirmary, she avoided looking directly at a patient's disfigured arm, and she ran out of the building to vomit upon seeing a large pustule on another patient's shoulder.

She also tends to get very emotional in stressing situations. She was almost in tears when Commander Taylor held a knife to Reynolds' throat ("What Remains") and while trying to escape the Nykoraptors with Reynolds by climbing a tree ("Nightfall"). Since meeting him, Maddy has been very interested in Mark Reynolds and he has been interested in her, to the point that they have fallen in love and become quite passionate about each other.


Maddy and Mark

Maddy spends a great deal of time looking after Zoe, and is always willing to help make life easier for the other family members.

Maddy has also taken a liking to Mark, but at first, she fears she is too socially awkward to develop a relationship. Then when they go on their first date, as they are stuck in a tree, they share their first kiss, starting their relationship. Throughout the series, Maddy has shown a great deal of care to Mark and she was really worried when Mark was ambushed.


  • Maddy had all the volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary, but didn't bring them to Terra Nova.[3]
  • Maddy collects Abacuses, and brought one with her to Terra Nova.
  • Maddy also goes slightly insane when she couldn't do any homework or reading.



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