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Lucas Taylor
Actor Ashley Zukerman
First Seen "Nightfall"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Lucas Taylor
Status Living
Family Nathaniel Taylor, father
Ayani Taylor, mother (deceased)
Job Physicist

Lucas was a genius. He was invited to create a way for us to talk to the future without the portal being open.

— Nathaniel Taylor

Dr. Lucas Taylor is the estranged, deceptive and vengeful son of Commander Nathaniel Taylor and a brilliant yet unstable physicist.


Fortunately for us, as brilliant a physicist as Lucas is, he's no engineer.

Malcolm Wallace

Before Terra Nova

Lucas was born in 2124.[1] Lucas began to hate his father, Nathaniel, in August of 2138, when Nathaniel and his family were captured in a war in Somalia. Taylor was told he could save only one person, between son Lucas and wife Ayani, and Nathaniel picked Lucas to live. Lucas was forced to watch as his own mother was slowly killed in front of him. From that moment on, he felt that Nathaniel regretted picking his son over his wife. Lucas felt anger at the pressure put on him for not living up to the great name of his father.

At Terra Nova

Lucas was brought to Terra Nova on the Second Pilgrimage.[2]

Taylor discovers Lucas' calculations at the lab

Taylor soon discovered that Lucas was working against him, and was in fact helping the people that wanted to drain Terra Nova of its resources. Two days after that, Lucas went OTG, Taylor followed him. Lucas told him that he was waiting for someone. The portal then opened and out came his mentor, Gen. Richard Philbrick. Philbrick came to relieve Taylor of his command, in what Lucas called a "palace coup". After Taylor killed General Philbrick, Lucas aimed a gun at him; however, he was quickly disarmed and beaten by Taylor who told him to leave Terra Nova and never return, as he just couldn't kill his own son. Lucas threatened that Taylor should hope he returns his father's kindness and he slinked off into the jungle. He then re-drew his calculations all over the rocks in the jungle to taunt Commander Taylor. Some examples are the gold engravings at the falls.

In the episode "Nightfall", we see that Mira gives him a box that contains his calculations. Lucas brought her through to accomplish this task.

In the episode "Vs." we see Lucas sitting at his camp watching the fireworks from the Terra Nova Harvest Festival taking place.

Lucas and his calculations

Lucas resides at the Sixers' camp and gives Skye's mother, Deborah Tate, a blanket. He introduces himself to Skye when she arrives to see her mother. Lucas threatens to kill Skye's mother if Skye doesn't reconcile his calculations in The Eye. When Skye does this and returns, Lucas is overjoyed to see that the calculations are finished. He then orders Skye to leave. Later when Skye returns, Lucas is packing up his things in preparation for him to go and visit his employers in 2149. He tells Skye not to return to Terra Nova for once his army reaches Terra Nova, it won't be safe for her. He also inquires why Skye has the nickname Bucket. When asked why he hates his father, Lucas simply tells her he started to hate him in August of 2138. Lucas tells Skye he can't wait for Taylor to be taken down after all these years, something he has been waiting for since he was 14. Lucas then leaves and heads towards the portal Terminus and uses the mystery box as a power source to use the portal as a weapon to blast away the guards Taylor had placed to guard it. Taylor and Jim arrive and try to persuade Lucas not to go through with his plan, as there are good people in Terra Nova. Lucas tells Taylor that the next time he sees him, he will be begging him for mercy. Lucas then teleports himself to 2149 to meet with his employers. ("Within")

Lucas ends up in Hope Plaza and manages to escape arrest.

Mira and Lucas at Terra Nova's command base in "Occupation"

Lucas watches the training of the Phoenix Group and talks to Weaver who tells Weaver he received the scar on his neck from a Nykoraptor. He also assures Weaver that their army will be able to get to Terra Nova. After the battle, Lucas, Mira and Weaver take over the colony and Lucas becomes obsessed to find his father, who disappeared after the fighting started. Lucas falls for the fact that Jim is mentally crippled and is hard of hearing and also Skye's story of wanting to ally herself with him. Lucas and Weaver later meet up with Hooper who tells them the entire valley is rich with meteoric ore, a valuable material in 2149. Lucas and Hooper plant a bomb to kill all the wildlife and destroy the trees; however, Reilly disables it. Lucas, desperate to kill his father, tries to persuade Weaver to detonate the bomb but they are still in the blast zone. When they get out, it is too late as Reilly had managed to disable the device. In his anger, Lucas fires a rocket with multiple warheads at Taylor. Taylor and the people with him survive and Lucas erupts in a fit of rage. While having trouble within the colony, Lucas continues to try and find his father and make his plans succeed, however, Commander Taylor keeps countering his moves. Lucas is eventually led into a trap by Skye and is captured, but manages to escape while they contemplate that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Lucas knocks Skye out and leaves. Lucas is later countered and confronted by his father and manages to get some sympathy from him, even going as far as to ask for forgiveness. However, as he embraces his father and the Commander admits his love for Lucas, Lucas stabs him, having been faking his sorrow. He tries to kill his father, but Skye arrives and shoots him twice causing him to collapse to the ground. The Commander and Skye believe he is dead, but as they start to leave Lucas's body is suddenly gone; he apparently had lived and has escaped. ("Occupation-Resistance")


  • Lucas was seen negotiating with Mira about the "Mystery Box" in the episode "Nightfall".
  • Lucas is successful in making the Portal go both ways and goes back to 2149 in the episode "Within".


  • Nathaniel Taylor: Lucas has a deteriorating relationship with his father, Nathaniel. At first, Lucas held much respect for his father and loved him very much, but after his mother was killed, Lucas begun to resent his father because Taylor couldn't prevent her death, and claims to strongly believe that Taylor blames him for his mother's death. Eventually, Lucas became acquainted with the Phoenix Group and was sent to Terra Nova to try and find a way to reverse the Time Portal. However, when Taylor discovered his son's work to create a passage back to the future, he was enraged and destroyed everything. Lucas' resentment then turned to hatred and he left the colony. He attempted to have his father removed with the help of his father's superior, but Taylor was forced to shoot the General and because of his son's betrayal, Taylor banished him from Terra Nova and told him to never come back.
  • Ayani Taylor: Lucas loves his mother, Ayani, a great deal, even though she has since passed away. His love for her is still very strong and could be the reason for his affection for Skye. When Ayani was killed, he goes through a time of great emotional pain and distress, crying and wailing over his mother's death. Because she was killed right in front of him, this is the cause for his resentment towards his father, Nathaniel, who could not save her. Leading the grieving Lucas to never forgive his father.
  • Skye Tate: Lucas has a strong affection for Skye and there seems to be an attraction between the two. She seems to be the only one that he truly cares for. He has said that he will not hurt her in any kind of way at all, even though he hates betrayal, he still refused to harm her when he finds out that she betrayed him to his father, but forgives her. Lucas asked Skye to do a job for him when she was revealed to be the Sixers' spy within Terra Nova. He ordered her to finish his calculations inside The Eye and she reluctantly accepted, only for fearing her mother's welfare. He also inquired about her nickname, "Bucket", one of the first signs that he was genuinely interested in her. She completes this task and returns to Lucas, and hands the calculations over to him. He fears for her life and tells her to not return to the colony, because once his employers arrive to Terra Nova, no one will be safe. He then kisses her on the cheek. At first, he recognizes her as his sister, however, at Boylan's Bar, it is clear that he is romantically inclined towards her, hinting that he is falling in love with her. However, his affections for Skye do not soften his ruthlessness, shown when he killed one of his own people without hesitation or remorse. Later in the finale, she convinces him not to kill Josh Shannon for when he attacked him. Afterwards, Skye "betrays" Lucas for his betrayal to his family and ambushes him. He is bound poorly and left with Skye where he cuts himself loose and flees after slamming Skye's face on a rover engine while she was trying to get the engine to start. Devastated by Skye's betrayal, Lucas continues on foot to meet up with the mercenaries at the Portal, only to be ambushed by his father. While Lucas is trying to kill his father, Skye appears and shoots Lucas. Shocked, he lunges at his father to finish him off, so the remorseful Skye shoots him a second time, causing him to collapse. But, while they weren't looking, he escaped.


  • Lucas has been out in the jungle for about five years (roughly 1800 or so days); a record which easily surpasses Taylor's 118 days and Mira's "coming up on a thousand" days.
  • Lucas received two scratch marks behind his right ear from a Nykoraptor.



  1. In "Within", Lucas says he was 14 years old when his mother died in 2138, so 2138 - 14 = 2124.
  2. Genesis: Part 2
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