Actor Romy Poulier
First Seen "Genesis"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Kara
Status Deceased
Job Unknown
Go, live a wonderful life.

— Genesis

Kara was Josh Shannon's girlfriend in 2149.



Kara talking to Josh on the other side of the gate

When Josh's mother was recruited as a doctor for Terra Nova, Josh had to leave with his family, leaving Kara behind. However, shortly before departing, Josh and Kara both said they still loved each other and although it is impossible (because she states to him that it is a one-way trip), Josh says he will return so he can bring Kara to Terra Nova.
Kara Arriving

Kara made it to Terra Nova on the Eleventh Pilgrimage but unfortunately died when the suicide bomber followed her through the portal to create a distraction and destroy the portal terminus device.


Kara and Josh stayed up all night and went to their favourite places and did all the things they love before Josh departed to Terra Nova.[1]

She was thrilled when Josh told her that he was going to Terra Nova and threw him a party. [2]

Kara spoke to Josh through a communicator that Mira had that allowed communication to the future. ("Proof")



Not much is known about her except that she had been in a relationship with Josh, until the day he and his family took off to live in Terra Nova. It is also known that they were in a band together. Josh wears a platinum necklace she gave to him.


  • She was the only one Josh told about Zoe before population control suspected Zoe existed.[3]

Sources Edit

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