Hope Plaza Tech
Hope Plaza Tech
Actor Christopher Sommers
Seen In Genesis: Part 1
Name Chyron[1]
Status Living
Job Hope Plaza Technician
“Remember, if you get caught, you’re on your own.”
— Hope Plaza Tech in “Genesis: Part 1

Chyron[1] (credited as Hope Plaza Tech”) is a technician who works at Hope Plaza.


This Hope Plaza technician is a man with white skin and short, dark hair. During his only appearance on the show, he wore what appeared to be his work uniform.


In the evening of September 26th, 2149, this Hope Plaza technician sent a message to Jim Shannon. The message directed Jim to a room where the tech was waiting for him. When Jim arrived, the tech complained about Jim’s lateness. Jim asked him where “it” was, but the technician demanded to be paid first. Jim gave him a bag of money, and the tech proceeded to show him the backpack he wanted (with Zoe Shannon hidden inside). The tech then warned Jim that if he happened to get caught, he would be on his own.

Creation and DevelopmentEdit

In the original script for the pilot episode of Terra Nova, a character similar to this one appeared. He was described as a technician in coveralls. Jim Shannon followed him to a service tunnel, where he found a backpack with his daughter inside.

When the pilot was rewritten and filmed, the character was slightly changed. As opposed to the original, where Jim accused the tech of being late, in the new version it was the tech who accused Jim of it. Also, in the original version the tech had been given money via a bank transfer prior to the episode starting, but in the new version Jim gave him a bag of money during their meeting on-screen. The character was also given a name, Chyron, in the new version[1].

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • According to the official subtitles from the DVD set, the character’s name is Chyron. However, the name was never mentioned on the show. When Jim received a message from him, it said “Unknown,” and he was only listed as “Hope Plaza Tech” in the closing credits of “Genesis: Part 2.”

List of AppearancesEdit


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