Actor Chris Betts
Seen In Resistance
Name Granger
Status Deceased
“ These people, these vile people, they don’t see Terra Nova as a second chance for humanity. To them, it’s another place to strip and plunder for all it’s worth.”
Nathaniel Taylor talking about Granger and his associates in “Vs.

Granger was one of the wealthy employers of the Sixers and their associates. Their goal was to take control of Terra Nova, strip‑mine the planet and send precious resources to 2149, thus accumulating more wealth. Granger was eventually killed by a carnotaurus in the episode “Resistance.”

Appearance Edit

Granger was a white man. He had short, gray hair and was clean‑shaven. During his only appearance on the show, he was clad in a dark suit.

Biography Edit

Granger was one of the wealthy people who wanted to strip‑mine Terra Nova and send natural resources (such as meteoric iron) to 2149. For that purpose, they hired Lucas Taylor to make the time portal go both ways. In 2144, Nathaniel Taylor (who was more concerned with environmental protection than accumulating wealth) discovered what Lucas was doing and tried to stop him. For that reason, Richard Philbrick, who was also working for Lucas’s employers, came to Terra Nova to overthrow and kill Taylor. The plan, however, failed: Taylor killed Philbrick and told Lucas to stay in the jungle.

In 2146, Lucas’s employers gamed the lottery and sent the Sixers to Terra Nova; they had hired the Sixers to kill Taylor and bring Lucas his scientific equipment. Once again, Taylor thwarted their plans by discovering the truth; the Sixers were forced to leave the colony and live in the jungle, prolonging their mission more than fivefold.

In 2149, Lucas succeeded in making the portal go both ways. Granger and his associates then sent the Phoenix Group (their hired army) and Weaver to Terra Nova to invade the colony and start mining meteoric iron. They also managed to take control of Hope Plaza, reporting to the media that there was a containment breach. Afterwards, Granger and his associates asked Weaver to send Mira to explore the Badlands.

Weaver and Employers

Granger, Weaver and their two associates

In the episode “Resistance,” Granger and his associates went to Hope Plaza to receive the first shipment from Terra Nova. Apart from meteoric iron, the shipment included a container which was supposed to hold a prow of a ship from the Badlands; however, unbeknownst to them, Terra Novans had swapped the container out. When Weaver opened it, a carnotaurus emerged and attacked them. Weaver tricked Granger into getting in harm’s way in order to save himself; Granger was subsequently killed by the dinosaur.

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