What, they're just prisoners, so there's no need to filter the air, is that it?!

Elisabeth Shannon

Golad prison

Golad Prison was the maximum security facility that Jim Shannon was held at for two years (from 2147 to 2149), when he was supposed to be there for six, because he assaulted the Population Control Officers who uncovered that he broke the Population Law for fathering a third child. The air is poorly, if at all, filtered and the prisoners are not given rebreathers. This environment causes Jim and the other inmates much discomfort and they also succumb to sickness more easily. The prison cells are designed for maximum use from the smallest space possible, resulting in yet more discomfort for those residing inside them.

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Jim was interviewed by the Golad personnel prior to his family's departure to Terra Nova, though he eventually managed to escape prison and join his family.


  • Inmates may perform manual tasks, such as making license plates.
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