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Scientific name Gallusaurus prima
Diet Unknown
Creature type Compsognathid Dinosaur
Deaths caused TBA
Episode Appearances "Bylaw" (computer screen only)

The gallusaur is labeled as a favorite meal for Nykoraptors by Malcolm Wallace. They are commonly labeled as a "prehistoric turkey".

In Terra NovaEdit

In "Bylaw", meat from a gallusaur is used to lure a Nykoraptor into a shed in order to kill a soldier called Ken Foster. DNA analysis later reveals the meat to be from a gallusaur.


It is commonly preyed upon by Nykoraptor.


  • The holographic screen reveals the gallusaur's scientific name: Gallusaurus prima, as well as its phylogenetic classification: Compsognathidae.
    Gallusaur Info

    Hologram of the gallusaur, displaying scientific name and classification in the family Compsognathidae.

  • It was feathered like many other small dinosaurs.