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Theropod Dinosaur
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"Empirosaur"[1] (fictional species) is used by Sixers wielding fire to attack Terra Nova. It is labeled the "biggest dinosaur on record" here, although many sauropod dinosaurs, including the brachiosaurs of Terra Nova, are larger (it was likely meant to be called the largest carnivorous dinosaur of all time).

In Terra Nova

In the episode "Nightfall", after Mira learned the colony had no power and no working weapons, the Sixers attempt to herd it to the gates of Terra Nova, attacking while the colony is near-defenseless, planning on using it as a distraction so they could steal the box. Jim and Taylor manage to withstand the attack by using flaming arrows that ignited a line of flammable material outside the walls. The empirosaur is driven off and does no damage to the colonists or Sixers.


  • The scene where the empirosaur was driven off by fire bears a resemblance to a scene near the end of the film Jurassic Park III, where a Spinosaurus was driven off by a fire induced by a flare gun being fired into a river (the river was set on fire because the Spinosaurus have broke the fuel tank on the boat earlier).



  1. Name was not given in "Nightfall". promotional photos for "Nightfall" has the caption 'A ring of fire protects Terra Nova from Empirosaurs on the attack in the "Nightfall" episode of TERRA NOVA'. this tweet from the twitter feed of Jason O'Mara refers to "empirosaurs" when linking to the trailer for "Nightfall". "Empirosaur" is also used in Mysteries Explored Cretaceous Life: The Dinosaurs of Terra Nova