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Actor Robert Preston
Seen In Genesis: Part 2
Name Drake
Status Living
Job Sixer

Drake is a member of the Sixers, a splinter colony that broke off from Terra Nova.


Drake is a fairly light-skinned man. He has curly, dark hair (which he wore tied) as well as a short beard. He has a tattoo on his upper left arm. During his only appearance on the show, he wore clothes that appeared well-worn (not unlike the other Sixers). Drake was clad in two sleeveless tops, loose pants and a cape-like garment tied around his shoulders.


Drake is a hired gun who was brought to Terra Nova on the sixth pilgrimage via the rigged lottery[1] to work for Mira, Lucas and their employers. In 2147[2], the Sixers (Drake included) left the colony because Taylor had discovered their true agenda. Following that, they had to stay in the jungle.

On September 27th, 2149, the Sixers sent a two-vehicle convoy to negotiate the release of Carter. Drake was among them. The convoy was attacked by two dinosaurs, but they managed to get inside the colony. After a brief confrontation between the Sixers and Terra Novans, Mira and Taylor reached an agreement, exchanging meteoric iron for Carter and medicine.

Alvarez and Drake

On the way back to their camp, Drake and Alvarez spotted a Terra Novan rover parked near a river not far from the Snakehead Falls. Drake tried to steal the power cell from the vehicle while Alvarez stood watch. Alvarez urged Drake to hurry because he saw movement in the vegetation. After Drake took out the battery, an acceraptor slashed and killed Alvarez. Drake managed to escape to his rhino, but he was injured on his thigh and chest, and he lost the power cell on the way. His vehicle was also damaged, leaving him stranded.

Josh and Drake

Sometime after that, Skye convinced Drake to let her and her friends hide from slashers in his rhino. In order to stop his bleeding, Skye asked Josh to tie a strap above the wound on his leg. Drake let them take Alvarez’s comm so they could call for help.

By the time the teenagers decided to go to their rover, it appeared that Drake had fallen asleep or unconscious. After the youngsters left the rhino, the Sixers came to rescue Drake and took him away before Terra Novans could get to him.

Creation and Development

In the original script for the pilot episode of Terra Nova, the Sixers did not exist, and there was no mention of Drake or anyone similar to him. The character was created when the pilot was rewritten.

Drake leaving while Alvarez is being dragged away

A shot of Drake heading back to his rhino transport (while Alvarez’s corpse was being dragged away by a dinosaur) was supposed to be shown after Alvarez’s demise. Also, a shot of Mira coming for Drake was supposed to be included in the scene where Terra Novan soldiers were rescuing the teenagers. Eventually, neither of the two shots appeared in the episode, but they were put into an official trailer.

List of Appearances




  1. Now You See Me
  2. In “Now You See Me,” Mira claimed she had been in the jungle for almost one thousand days.
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