Douglas Joslyn
Douglas Joslyn
Actor Unknown
Seen In What Remains
Name Douglas Joslyn[1]
Status Living
Job Scientist

Dr. Douglas Joslyn[1] is a Terra Novan scientist. He was researching wetlands at Outpost 3. He was also secretly looking for a cure for Gormon’s disease, for which he carried the latent gene, but he accidently spread a virus leading to memory loss and catatonia. His virus was cured by Dr. Elisabeth Shannon.

Appearance Edit

Douglas is a white man. He has short, dark hair and clean‑shaven face. During his only appearance on the show, he wore plain clothing—two shirts, light pants and dark boots suitable for the jungle environment he lived in.

Biography Edit

Outpost 3 quarantine lab

An infected woman and Douglas strapped to beds

Dr. Douglas Joslyn[1] was one of the four Terra Novans sent to Outpost 3 for wetlands research. Because he carried the latent gene for Gormon’s disease, an illness similar to but worse than Alzheimer’s, he decided to secretly (and illicitly) look for a cure. He experimented with gene therapy in an attempt to re‑sequence the gene cluster that controlled memory. According to Elisabeth Shannon, he most likely engineered a virus to use as a delivery system. However, while he was hoping to open up neural pathways, his re‑sequencing misfired and started blocking them instead. His mistake led to a virus spreading in Outpost 3, one that caused memory loss, cognitive regression and eventually catatonia. Elisabeth later created a vaccine out of an inactive cold, curing those affected by the virus, Douglas included.

Notes and Trivia Edit

TerraNova What Remains Outpost screen

The misspelled name on his computer terminal

  • Dr. Douglas Joslyn’s last name was misspelled on his computer terminal. It was first shown as “Jocylan,” then it turned into “Josyln” and moments later back into “Jocylan.” The official subtitles from the DVD set spelled it as “Joslyn,” indicating that was supposed to be his true name.

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References Edit

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