Deborah Tate
Actor Caroline Brazier
First Seen "Now You See Me"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Deborah Tate
Status Living
Family Skye Tate, daughter
Husband (deceased)
Job None (patient)

Deborah Tate is the mother of Skye Tate and a member of the Fifth Pilgrimage.

Character BiographyEdit

Before Terra NovaEdit

She had a daughter, Skye, with a unknown man.

At Terra NovaEdit

Deborah was stricken with Sincyllic Fever and was believed to have died at or close to the same time as her husband; however she somehow traveled to the Sixers camp, where she is being treated with a medicine that apparently alleviates the symptoms of the fever but does not cure it. The Sixers withhold treatment from Deborah if Skye fails to provide intelligence to them.

Deborah later learns the truth from Skye on what the Sixers made her do to guarantee Deborah's survival. Deborah states that she is proud of her no matter what and that her father would've felt the same way. Deborah and the medicine were later extracted from the Sixers' camp by Curran and brought to Terra Nova. Nathaniel Taylor was surprised that she was kept alive all this time as Elisabeth Shannon plans to have a synthetic copy of the medicine the Sixers have been giving her.


Deborah and Skye extended scene Occupation

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How was her death faked?
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