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Casey Durwin
Casey Durwin.jpg
Actor Peter Lamb
First Seen "Instinct"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Casey Durwin
Status Living
Job Terra Nova Tradesman

Casey Durwin was first seen in "Instinct" selling various items in the market, and Josh Shannon wanted to buy a guitar he was selling. Casey is missing his legs, and commented in that episode that a Carnotaurus had taken them.


Before Terra Nova

Casey Durwin is seen wearing an old Army jacket, indicating that he may have served in the armed forces before coming to Terra Nova. The jacket bears a US Flag.

At Terra Nova

Casey is a trader at the market near the main gate. Earlier in his time at Terra Nova, he lost both of his legs below the knees to a Carnotaurus. He also mentioned that he came to Terra Nova on the Second Pilgrimage.

In "The Runaway", he is revealed to have known Leah Marcos and gave her a friendly reunion greeting and gave her some type of red rose.

In the episode "Bylaw", he disagreed with Taylor's sentence of banishment for supposed killer, Howard Milner. He felt that Taylor was essentially giving him a death sentence.

In "Within", Maddy tries to sell some of her stuff to Casey, who feels that her stuff is just junk. When Maddy notices he has a bad wheel on his wheel chair, she offers to get him a new wheel for the one remaining promethium core he has, that she needs for her Plex. He agrees but eventually trades the core to Tom Boylan before Maddy can get a wheel to Casey.

In "Occupation-Resistance", Casey appeared as a main rebel, and helped Jim to get to Taylor.


  • He acted as a distraction to a Phoenix Group convoy that were leaving the colony and allowed Jim Shannon to stow away. Durwin later discovered the perimeter grid the Phoenix Group was setting up around the colony.


In "The Runaway", he states that he never forgets a name or a face after welcoming Leah back into the colony.