Carter (109)
Actor Damian Walshe-Howling
First Seen "Genesis"
Last Seen "Within"
Name Carter
Status Living
Job Sixers Renegade

Carter is a member of the Sixers.


Before Terra NovaEdit

Carter was a hired gun who was brought to Terra Nova via the rigged Terra Nova lottery to work for Mira and Lucas and their employers. ("Now You See Me")

At Terra NovaEdit

Carter is a member of the Sixers, a group of renegades from the Sixth Pilgrimage led by Mira. Carter was caught, and then shot, by Terra Nova security forces when he was trying to steal electricity off of the colony's grid. As he was being treated in the Terra Nova medical center by Dr. Elisabeth Shannon, he made an escape, and attempted to kill Commander Nathaniel Taylor, before he was stopped by Jim Shannon. After his failed assassination attempt on Taylor, Carter is arrested and placed in a holding cell. A short time later, a group of Sixers came to Terra Nova to retrieve Carter, claiming that an inside source had informed them, revealing that the Sixers still have sympathizers inside the settlement. Carter was then released as part of an agreement between Commander Taylor and Mira that also included medical supplies for the Sixers, in exchange for Meteoric iron for the Terra Nova colonists.("Genesis")

Carter was the Sixer tasked with keeping communication with Mira while she went out to meet with Lucas in "Now You See Me". He and another Sixer were seen worried over why they couldn't get word from Mira.

Carter was guarding the infirmary in the episode "Within" when Skye came. Carter silently took the intel that Skye had brought them and simply stepped aside with Skye muttering "you're welcome" to him as she walked past him.

Carter was one of the two Sixers that flanked Mira when she visited the Terra Nova colony. Carter later left with Mira, Lucas and the Phoenix Group army to The Badlands.

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