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Carnotaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur that appears in Terra Nova.

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In Terra NovaEdit

In "Genesis", two Carnotaurus attacked a group of Sixers as they headed towards the compound. The Sixers were allowed by Commander Taylor to enter Terra Nova in order to escape from the Carnotaurus. After Jim, Taylor, and the Sixers were safely inside the walls of the compound, Taylor ordered for sonic blasts to be directed at the pursuing Carnotaurus in order to drive them away.

In the episode "Instinct", Casey Durwin offers to sell Josh Shannon a guitar. When Josh refuses, he offers to throw in a pick he claims he "painstakingly carved from a carno's tooth". When Josh sees that Casey has no legs, Casey informs him that the tooth was not from the Carnotaurus that took away his legs.

In the episode "What Remains", a member of the Science Team stationed at Outpost 3, Dr. Jonathan Guagenti, became infected with a virus that caused memory loss. He wandered outside the facility after becoming disoriented while chasing a green beetle, right into the path of a Carnotaurus. He was then eaten by the dinosaur, which left only his feet and boots.

In "Nightfall", Carnotaurus is listed by Reynolds among dinosaurs that could be deterred by the scent of leaves and mud, or alternatively by Slasher dung.

In "Resistance", the people of Terra Nova sneak a juvenile Carnotaurus back to Hope Plaza, where it wreaks havoc.


Carnotaurus can run extremely fast, easily fast enough to keep up with the vehicles used by colonists and Sixers.[1] They sometimes attack in pairs, a pair of them being seen attacking Sixers in "Genesis: Part 2".


  • Carnotaurus was the first carnivorous theropod dinosaur seen in the series.
  • Different skin patterns are seen on the two Carnotaurus in the pilot, suggesting male and female.
  • They are nicknamed "carnos" by the series' characters.
  • Carnotaurus is Latin for "meat-eating bull".
  • This dinosaur was unusually fast, even using its tail for propulsion. This seems to be accurate, as Carnotaurus is believed to have been one of the fastest dinosaurs.
  • In the episode "Proof" a small Carnotaurus's skull was shown on the table in the Research Laboratory, though it's not known whether it was the skull of a baby or just a small model (similar small skulls belonging to what appear to be Parasaurolophus and Torosaurus also appear on the table in that episode).
  • The Carnotaurus have abnormally long arms. This is inaccurate, as Carnotaurus’ arms were smaller than those of the T. rex.
  • Some of the Carnotaurus’ growling sounds are a combination of a condor with "other ferocious animals".[2] This was requested by the series' producers as they wanted a "bird-like quality" to the Carno's roar.


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