Actor Terrence Mullings
First Seen "What Remains"
Name Brady
Status Living
Job Terra Nova Security

Brady is a Terra Nova resident who works in Security.


Before Terra NovaEdit

At Terra NovaEdit

Brady accompanies Commander Taylor and Elisabeth in the investigation of Outpost 3. All of the group succumbs to the pathogen that causes memory loss. Brady is apparently knocked out by Taylor, whose amnesia brought him back to an operation in Somalia. Brady is discovered by Jim Shannon and Malcolm. They attempt to bring him back to Terra Nova for treatment when Malcolm suddenly loses his memory. They are attacked by an Ovosaurus. Shannon and Malcolm lock themselves in a room, leaving the unconscious Brady with the Ovosaurus. Shannon exposes the nickel cables in the room he is in and draws the dinosaur into the room away from Brady, saving the man. Shannon locks the Ovosaur in the room. Malcolm begins to panic and Shannon knocks him out on top of Brady. Because all the others were brought back to Terra Nova and cured of the virus, it can be assumed that the same happened to Brady.





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