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Boylan's Bar is a bar in Terra Nova owned by Tom Boylan. It is a place visited by colonists for drinking and socializing. Certain illegal activities, such as gambling, were also practiced here. It is located next to the Command Base and Market square.


The emblem on the rooves of Boylan's Bar.

The bar is a large partially open area located part-way underneath the solar depot accessed by a set of stairs.


Inside the bar.

The bar has an upper mezzanine level with some tables and chairs decorated with a hung Triceratops skull, and the lower level has the bar and a series of tables and chairs.


When Tom Boylan helped Commander Nathaniel Taylor bury a body out near Pilgrim's tree he blackmailed Taylor into deeding him the bar, which he constructed underneath the solar depot. Gambling took place in Boylan's Bar. This resulted in a member of Terra Nova's Security Team, Curran, to owe a large sum of money to another security member, Foster. Curran later murdered Foster and stole the bar's gambling records. ("Bylaw")

Josh Shannon was offered a job at the bar in exchange for Boylan allowing Josh's girlfriend, Kara, to leave 2149. ("What Remains")

The bar was closed by Commander Taylor when it was suspected that he was a spy for the Sixers. ("Vs.")

When the Phoenix Group took control of the colony, many of the soldiers drank at Boylan's, some even for free. Jim Shannon found Lt. Washington in the bar after he regained consciousness and she even flirted with some of the drunk guards in order to steal off of them or plant tracking devices on them. Josh was asked by his father to get his job at the bar back so he could overhear the guards talking and when Lucas Taylor made an inappropriate action towards Skye, Josh smacked Lucas in the face with a tray and proceeded to beat him but he was stopped and he himself was beaten until his father showed up and beat the guards before being arrested. ("Occupation-Resistance")


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