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Beetles were small insects found around Terra Nova. At least two different species have been shown.

In Terra NovaEdit

During survival training in the episode Lt. Washington explains and demonstrates that beetle grubs are edible. ("Instinct") Commander Taylor and Mira shared some grubs when they were stranded together in the jungle. ("Now You See Me")

A scientist at Outpost 3, who was under the influence of a virus that had been released, became fascinated with a green one. According to a promotional poster, these beetles can be deadly, but they do not appear in the show to be aggressive. ("What Remains")

The imposter of Ken Horton brought back a species of beetle (presumably different from the local species) which he said he had found a few hundred miles north, and which fed on the mold that was causing the apple blight in Terra Nova. After letting these beetles free in the apple orchard, the apple blight was ended. ("Proof")


Their larvae can be found living on tree branches, and are edible themselves.


  • So far, they are the only invertebrates featured in Terra Nova that are not unusually large.
  • During wilderness training at the beginning of Instinct, Lt. Washington shows the group some beetle grubs, and says they are edible and nutritious, eating one to illustrate. According to this tweet from InsideTerraNova, "Yes Simone Kessell ate those real insect grubs in the last episode. Actor devotion."
  • According to a promotional poster, some beetles can be deadly. However, none have yet been shown to be dangerous to humans.


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