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Scientific name Allosaur, unknown genus and species
Diet Carnivore
Creature type Theropod
Deaths caused TBA
Episode Appearances Genesis

The allosaur is an as-of-yet unseen dinosaur in Terra Nova.

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Terra NovaEdit

In the episode "Genesis, Part 1", an allosaur was heard by the Tenth Pilgrimage while they were being escorted to the Colony when the creature tripped a sonic mine.

Nathaniel Taylor has a desk consisting of a large theropod skull with a glass sheet on top of it. The skull has features of the Allosaur family (see Science and Speculation).

Motion comicEdit

Among the Terra Nova Motion Comic files is a picture of a large theropod with three fingers. It could be an Allosaur.


  • This was the first dinosaur heard in Terra Nova.
  • They are yet to be seen in the series.