Alicia Washington
Actor Simone Kessell
First Seen "Genesis"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Alicia Washington
Status Deceased
Job Second-in-command at Terra Nova

Lieutenant Alicia Washington (commonly referred to as "Wash") was the second-in-command to Nathaniel Taylor and a member of the Terra Nova security forces prior to her death. Washington has been referred to as a tough and relentless kick-ass. She is also "focused, sassy, and dry." She is a recurring character on Terra Nova and is portrayed by Simone Kessell.


Before Terra NovaEdit

In 2138, Washington served and fought with Nathaniel Taylor in Somalia. Washington was wounded and was evacuated while Taylor searched for his missing wife.

On an unknown mission, Washington operated on Taylor on the battlefield, putting 67 stitches in his side. 

She has isn't known of having family back in the old world.

At Terra NovaEdit

Alicia was part of the Tenth Pilgrimage escort from the exit of the Time Portal to the Colony.

Alicia was the teacher for the survival skill lessons. Alicia was left in charge of the Colony when Taylor went out to escort the Eleventh Pilgrimage back. Unfortunately, mercenaries, known as the Phoenix Group, attacked the colony. After they shelled the colony and killed 26 people, Alicia surrendered.

Alicia was then confined to Boylan's Bar where everyone could see her. After getting a Phoenix soldier drunk, Alicia then helped Jim Shannon and his family escape to join Taylor's remaining forces. Alicia set off an explosion at a munitions hutt. Alicia was then brought before Lucas Taylor. Alicia was killed by Lucas by a gun in the season finale after refusing to reveal Taylor's position. Lucas gave her three seconds to tell him where his father was, and when she said "You know you have your father's eyes," he shot her in the head at point blank range.


In the episode "The Runaway " Wash and Dunham were captured by Sixers in search of the runaway's
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"Wash" captured by Sixers.

bag that she dropped. Wash and Dunham were then given back in a trade for Leah, so long as Leah was allowed to choose where to be. Because Leah decided to stay in Terra Nova, Wash and Dunham  were given back to Terra Nova and the Sixers left with nothing.

In "Occupation-Resistance", she saved the Shannon family and was then killed by Lucas Taylor with a gunshot to the head at close range.


Wash was tough and strong when it comes to doing her job, but she also follows Taylor's orders without question. She was very loyal to the defense and rules of the colony, but she will twist them if she needs to.


Nathaniel TaylorEdit

Commander Taylor and Lt. Washington had a close friendship that goes back multiple years.


It is hinted at that Wash and Commander Taylor were more than just friends, however this was never confirmed



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