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Alvarez, Leah's father
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"Now You See Me"

The Acceraptor, otherwise known as the "Slasher", is a fictional species of dinosaur that has colorful feathers, and a whip-like bladed tail capable of cutting a man in half.[1] Members of the species are usually dormant during the day, but are vicious pack hunters at night.

In Terra Nova

Josh holding a Slasher tail blade

In "Genesis", they attacked a group of teens, including Josh Shannon and Skye, who had gone out to distill homemade moonshine in the woods. A Slasher's tail blade (severed, of course) was used to cut "fruts", which the teens were using to make moonshine. According to Skye, their teeth are sharper, though this could be an opinion. It is possible they are more resilient to bullets, as the gun fire had less of an effect on them than other creatures. They hunt in packs, calling others to their aid.

In "The Runaway", it is mentioned that Leah's father was killed by a Slasher.

Clever Girl!.jpg

In "Nightfall", Slasher dung is said to be an alternative to a mud-and-leaves combination that keeps away Nykoraptors, Carnotaurus, and Acceraptors.

In "Vs.", a Slasher was suggested by Jim Shannon to have possibly killed an unidentified body, before it was discovered through an autopsy after being shot.

In "Now You See Me", a young male and female Slasher staking out breeding territory attack Mira and Taylor, presuming the humans to be competing with the dinosaurs for territory. Mira and Taylor escape over a waterfall, but the Slashers return that night. The male is lit on fire by Taylor after being hit by a spear from Mira. Both Slashers fled.


  • Acceraptors were the first fictional dinosaurs to appear in the series.
  • A Slasher can run 45 miles per hour, according to a promotional poster.
  • The Acceraptor seen in initial Terra Nova trailers is black and white in color, while one in "Genesis" is brown and others appear brightly colored. Since Slashers are said to have bird-like traits, it's likely that the brightly colored ones are male, while the more drab one is female (sexual dimorphism seen in many bird species).
  • Slasher males have tail blades,[2] while females do not.
  • A Slasher matures in about four years.[3]
  • Male Slashers have bright yellow crests; females have dull ones.
  • Slashers are susceptible to heart lesions caused by Trichomonas sastrei larvae.[4]